Hey Omar, I'm Writing a thesis on the 'Mental Landscape Of An American Hood Rat' and I think you could be an excellent subject.

Can you please answer these ten questions to help me understand your existence.

  • Q1. How far out of Connecticut have you been? Have you ever left America to visit another country, If not then why?

  • Q2. What would you say is the finest meal you have ever ate?

  • Q3. At what age did you get your first beating?

  • Q4. At what age did you lose sight of your penis under your fat manifolds?

  • Q6. Is your current Wifey the first and only woman you have had sex with? If not then how many separate woman have you sexed?

  • Q7. Did your parents subject you to domestic sexual violence?

  • Q8. Have you ever sat an IQ test? if you did then what score did you get? If not, would you sit one?

  • Q9. How long on average, do you spend taking a deuce?

  • Q10. Did you notice I missed out Question 5?