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Thread: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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    Guard passing (guard passes) should be approached, not as a defense to your opponents guard but as an attack on your opponents guard. If you're opponent is always defending then they don't have much of a chance to start an offense on you and you will have less to worry about, which will give you a greater opportunity to beat your opponent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theheavens View Post
    funny how people always try to validate judo. it's worthless in MMA. every fighter gets his ass kicked
    Karo Pariisyan and Rhonda Rousey were/are pretty damn good at incorporating it in fights....

    Quote Originally Posted by Fatal Guillotine View Post
    gracie....that name says it all
    Yea, I respect Gracie's for bringing the art to light, but there are plenty of other names overlooked all the time.

    The Machado's
    The Noguieras along with Murilo Bustamante who incorporated the rubber guard which the gracie's do not believe in using.

    Jake Mackenzie, Leo Santos, Marcelo Garcia, alexandre Ribiero, etc

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    Regarding judo, Jon Jones uses judo throws VERY well in the UFC! Judo definitely has a plce in MMA if used properly. One cannot expect to do well in MMA with only judo expertise though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RUSHING PLATYPUS View Post
    One cannot expect to do well in MMA with only judo expertise though.
    same that one cannot expect to do well in mma without judo or BJJ

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    epic fight

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    it shows how effective can be bjj

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