Brilliant singer-songwriter Norah Jones has completed her latest album "...Little Broken Hearts". Maybe the biggest suprise is that Brian Burton, better known as Danger Mouse, is handling the LP:s production its entirety. well maybe it's not that suprising considering she was one of two guest stars who was invited to sing on DM's last album; the collaboration with orchestra and string arranger Danielle Luppi so i guess it's a favor for a favor.

it's kinda cool though cuz Norah Jones is one of my dad's favorite singers of today and Danger Mouse is one of my favorite producers, at least the most versatile. The album will hit stores on May 1 but Jones and the label heads have decided to put up the entire album for a HQ stream over @ NPR (man, i love that site bc of stuff like this; they did the same for the latest DJ Shadow's, John Zorn's, and I think Beastie Boys plus of course a lot of others). aight, nuff talk - head over there and enjoy some eclectic Danger Mouse produced Norah Jones love stories:

"...These songs delve into deep, dark matters of betrayal and loss and address them in myriad ways, from the wounded grace of "She's 22" to the vengeful hurt of "Miriam." Along the way, Jones coos and struts her way through a handful of crackerjack pop songs: "Say Goodbye," the smoothly sinister title track and the single "Happy Pills" all meet at the midpoint between Jones' past work and the fizzy pop Burton makes with Broken Bells. Always more versatile than most people think, Jones fits all of this smart material to perfection, marking her second decade as a star while making her sound cooler and more unflappably sophisticated than ever."