surviving the rhymes
know how them beats be
know how them days used too be
had to express what was felt on the m-i-c

everly unique started out at 16 dropping phrases making amazes
the ways i flipped vocab on the mic i stabbed you in the heart/
sparking a dart from battles to how things gotta rattled
had studio time went into the grime and grinded out in prime time/
notice how flows floated never gave up hope dope enough
heads i saw at clubs wanted to sign me on the spot/
i noddingly decline often wasn't ready i was
used to beat box tripped out when i got my first verison of fruity loops software/
bare bone beats made me think on repeat skillfully speak
i remember back in days where i used to be at my peeps crip smoking leaf
and making heaters, sampling and creating on the spot off the top/
some heads used to call me "Gottie" cuz i had it like that
so i spoke on what i didn't hoping i'd make it, all while show n prove/
massed off the discus relentless ripping came to a head in 2k5 reaping minds on rapnetworks, had heads hurt came to corp around the same time/
tripping those broken proses made those take notice
and saw i was openly focused, locked on target, tunnel vision/
from those next to rep days to the section days to drunken ways
i hated faded back in the seat now i saw my unoticed knowledge
born from frayed cords and relasped back into my own decision/
used to be that sticky spitter flipping it ingraving my name in those hearts
heated sparks making my marks always had it in me.../
now i'm a beatmaker, ripper sicker infecting those
now they've fed the monster long enough, it's time to unleash the beast/