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Thread: Babylon Warchild - The Gatekeepers

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    Default Babylon Warchild - The Gatekeepers

    1. The Light (feat. Lord Lhus, Black, & Qualm)
    2. The Gates Of Babylon (feat. Profit Pre & KDB)
    3. The System
    4. The Towers Of Babylon (feat. Chief Kamachi & Wordsworth)
    5. The Hellbound (feat. Kaotny)
    6. The Nighthawkz (feat. King David)
    7. The International (feat. Sadat X, Mr. Merak & C-Rayz Walz)
    8. The Threat (feat. Tragedy Khadafi, KDB & D Tha Suspect)
    9. The Karma
    10. The First Warning (feat. PSL & J-Spine)
    11. The Broadcast (feat. Primacy, Black, Elohem, LIFE Long & Syntax)
    12. The Return (feat. Daddy Rose)
    13. The Sacred Source (feat. Twin Perils)
    14. The Injustice (feat. Kain Slim & J-Spine)
    15. The Countdown (feat. J-Spine)
    16. The Requiem (feat. KDB)

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    the features on this look interesting
    may check this out

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    did you design the album cover?
    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    I like the fat black man on House Of Payne and he's very funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DISCO STU View Post
    did you design the album cover?
    no, why?

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