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You've been told to show & prove. It's about to be the wild west up in here. I hope you have your wutang double cd, pocket protector and gza edition knee guards.

This is one of those builds that separates the boys from men, and men from 34 yr old indian-brit predators.
well, i am a little out of my league.

I am proud to be currently ranked as a proficient-level builder, but I have been listening to PCP, doing lots of stretching exercises, and pouring over my 120.

I hope to be a master builder by the end of the summer.

soul controller does NOT fuck 15-year-olds.

He merely grooms them and builds sick connections with them from age 12, and waits until they ripe old age of legal consent, 16, before he fucks them.

Nothing wrong with that, right?

I mean, bitches your own age are fine for some 35-year-olds, but the connections are just that much sicker with teenage bitches, who haven't been tainted by education or life experience.

It's just that corporations and rich people and jews create this false stigma that it is somehow wrong to indoctrinate young girls over a period of years until consummating the relationship the moment it becomes legal.

wake up, sheep