Was digging through my old darts and found this gem. Think I posted it here before but I forget what you thought. Enjoy

Flings on Saturnís rings bring prophetic strings
Provoked while usury choked, with hornet stings
Millions starved in market downswings
Made history, they chose us philosopher kings
First day agenda, brake seals, shear the tree
Then take a long dip in the molten sea
Initiate with the hammer, alíOdin poetry
Esoteric Psych now taught in grade three
Clergy change scripture, unscrupulous sources
Allegory reads like astronomy courses
As above, so below, now we doubled our forces
A fortress, spiritual priests hang our portraits
We orbit, inoculate your mind state
Incubate, chelate dead cells, clean slate
Then wait, as visions of God, suns orate
Nurture your growth like a father, leave a trait

Sirius like Seth, Lost Meaning Of Death
Face it, these rhymes leave you dazed like meth
But grown from the earth, herbal verbs I impress
World on my shoulders, cobra on my crest
Shook Rome with my prose, heretical doses
Bavaria knows, whose blood flows in white roses
Wolfsangle pharaohs tried to cleanse with gas hoses
Sowed the thirteen in tarot, should have prayed for the gnosis
Atrocious, the things men do for their seed
ďGod, Family, Country,Ē the antichrist creed
Ignorance shelters greed, out of sight out of need
We fight for perspective, free will isnít free

Made Hebrew when wings grew, Tiwaz fly true
Mastered the void or weíd dream Cíthulu
Taboo, our kingdom of heaven debut
Bystanders accrue, my torch changed the view
The stainless never rust, weapons angels trust
The false thrust for lust, taste fate murderous
Like Cerberus, itís the madness cursiní us
Narrow the path but my verse is virtuous
Passed the test, the best, Her-seshta blessed
One Hercules quest, wake God from his rest
Asleep in your breast, surgery request
Hug the crystal sword that penetrates your chest
Lightning through a vest hits Veles like a Czech
I shipwreck the dots so my flows can reconnect
Pure Immortal Tech, yeah, Sovereign like Sobek
Born to break the world with the chakra in my neck