Mind tricks mentally psychical attacks sizzle brain matter of enemies
Holding two fingers to my temple, Focus to kill leave you shattered for centuries
When come to battle I open astral portal of a prodigy inhibiters
Fear the sword that I welled, Swinging and slashing to bone crashers
.44 Magnum is all metal, bloody draggers send him hell
Flop back my rap shit push through, Hold power electrical hummers with detonator cell
Contact Ieyedine see me in shadows, Imperial camfigea speak befit
Devilish shine get rip apart in the dark, Rife fantasy backing me
Let settle up, fuck around get whip out vicious faculae
Laser beam targets, you want to bring it death to your heath aura
Lyrics impress heavy blade expertise, Impact surge techniques darkness emerge
My Demon Spawn has a eel grip, Control movement like guttersnipe