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Thread: Showbiz & ag - "preloaded"

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    thanks for this duke,
    i havent really checked out DITC ish, bar a few things here and there, but I like AG especially

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    u should check em out
    Non Ignorants


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    will do, DITC debut was good

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    D.I.T.C. producers/MCs got a huge load of great material, mostly from 1990's, but 2000's stuff isn't shabby at all neither, mostly it's just less released albums.

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    D.I.T.C. is the illest crew of all time, next to Wu-Tang Clan.. i have over 30 retail albums at home, and a couple of semi-official bootlegs, and very few are under at least 7/10.

    especially Showbiz & AG + OC have an amazing catalouge.. both "Runaway Slave" and "Word...Life" are two of my favorite LPs of all time. but so is "Goodfellas", "Full Scale EP" is perfection, the later released "Full Scale LP" is an amazing LP too, the "Live Hard EP" (the US 2008 release it should be) is close to perfection as well imo, and now we got "Preloaded" - i was the first stie to premier it on the net actually, and i head pver to iTunes right away and purchased the three bonus tracks + bought Showbiz "Still Diggin' Vol. 1" in the same sitting. that's the least i can to do..

    a while back, Show said on twitter that a limited vinyl of an album called "MugshotMusic: PRELOADED - The Remixes" was supposed to be released soon. then i saw the date July 17, but as i've been trying to find more info and pre-order it now seems that it will be a striclty iTunes release as well

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