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    Default My Pornstar Wife

    My pornstar wife, she fucks strangers for a livin',
    there's a star in the sky for every blowjob that she's given,
    she works very hard because she is really driven,
    by a hunger for cock, and for this she is forgiven,
    her massive fake tits are truly fantastic,
    her collagen filled lips look like they're made of plastic,
    her silicone arse could stretch the toughest of elastics,
    gives new meaning to the term "the measures are drastic",
    she's an artificial beauty, but I'm not one to care,
    she still looks smokin' hot in her sexy underwear
    with lips that keep on giving, and a tasty cunt to share,
    a well groomed little pussy with a pretty tuft of hair,
    if I ever want to make love and her pussy is too sore,
    I'm always understanding of her day job as a whore,
    I'll just massage her feet and tell her that I love her,
    polish the imaginary halo that's above her,
    serenade her with some sweet sounding words,
    then jerk off over videos of strange men pounding her,
    sometimes she comes home with semen on her chin,
    with a loving touch I wipe it off her skin,
    she'll grin and then I'll feel the warmth within-
    my soul take hold like a cold winter wind,
    if she needs a new tit job or some arse implants,
    I'll stand by her side and hold her frightened hand,
    the same hand that's jerked off thousands on demand,
    I'll whisper in her ear that I'll always be her man,
    sometimes when we make love she's louder than a jack hammer,
    and I have to remind her that we're not on camera,
    she'll twist and turn her body so that everything's on show,
    then she's straight to her knees when I'm about to blow,
    she's my pornstar wife, oh how I love her so,
    what I'd do without her I really just don't know.

    This jam is dedicated to the most awesome, fakest porn slut ever, Aletta Ocean, without whose inspiration it might have never happened.

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