this is a pretty good fictional story piece i made up

this is a story about a bad earth-like planetary sphere
unlike earth, the planet was filled with stupidity and fear
and unlike earth, they didn't have great people like obama and the pope
cus if we were ever in danger, stephen hawking would calulate it on a microscope
look at me, on my planet i'm the worthless shit that works for MI5
i sit behind a pc screen all day thinking i keep it live
i press buttons on the screen and it links up to a satellite
which beams down unknown energy onto the victim i fight
oh look the chest pain i've given him/her isnt enough
let's make them feel like they're on a comedown thats rough
i can even inject words and numbers into their head
or make them hear sounds that arent there when they're trying to sleep in bed

why isnt my target slitting his/her wrists like they're supposed to
the mental hospital or the coffin thats where your going to
i'm working for my government on this fictional planet
and our god backs me thats why i do damage
look at this sensor, it shows he's in pain
i don't laugh out loud, but i do get a good kick out of this, i feel it in my brain
and my soul tells me this is right, its for the good of people
we must destroy these invalids for they are truely evil
the ones who take their own path have always been destroyed
don't look for the truth, it makes us rather annoyed

on our planet we had an event similar to earths hitler burning down his own building
there was this crazy guy who said we did it so we shot and we killed him
we don't just shoot people with satellites on this planetary plane
we do other fun psychological attacks to keep them trapped within their brain

when i go home all i want to do is go back to work
these evil people who research truth need to get hurt
i'm like that guy on earth, derren brown, i want to prove powers of the mind are fake
if you dont watch tv and be like them then your a snake
"cut down that fucking rain forest", yes boss i'm on it
like Earth's George Bush we hate the law of the jungle, it's shit
NWO.. that's all i'm here for
let's make rules for everything and call it law
i know gods with me
i wear my cross daily
the governments always right, isn't that scary