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Peace and blessings Doomsdaydan , it has been a pleasure as always , i got to go but we can resume this stimulating conversation at a later date.
Keep on hating a entire race and whatever else it is you "do" here.

Go where? you spend all your fucking time in the house making knock-off hip-hop beats in conjunction with your spanish boyfriend monk.

I'd bet a shitload that you don't even have a job you broke ass benefit bound motherfucker.

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i love everybody on wu-corp like a brother. sure, we have our little spats, but we are a family.

And even though they don't all admit, i'm pretty sure all wu-corp posters love me too.

Damn right! We're like a brother who realizes his other brother is sleeping with his wife behind his back so has to blow both their brains out and bury em under the house!