Who's the cutest nigga in the wu.

Meth- good liking guy, very beautiful face, and his rugged beard is pretty cute
Ghost-"Remember when i long dick you and broke your ovaries", plus a cute voice
Cappa- "And you can get big dick hiphop perfection." and he has nice hair-cuts
Rae- smooth mack type, he'd know how to treat a lady, or a homo thug, very
U-God- nice light skin, and thick dicksucking lips
O.D.B- WHO WOULDN'T FUCK DIRTY, even if your male, WHO?
Rza- Intellegent, tall, mysterious guy with a cute face.
MastaKilla- Very respectful toward women, maybe homothugs too idk though, quite shy type, which can work for some.
INS-Tall, dark and handsome, muscular and clean shave, and wear's his hat like a stud, idk if ya'll noticed but he's got a ripe bubble butt with tight cheeks.
Gza- He has a way with words but he isn't as cute as INS or Rza. He is definitely a sweetie though. In fact hes my nigga.

this isn't in order, but how would you rank them?