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    Above the Rim is a 1994 drama directed by Jeff Pollack. The screenplay was written by Pollack
    and journalist-turned-screenwriter Barry Michael Cooper (writer of New Jack City), from a story by Pollack and Benny Medina.

    Starring Duane Martin, Tupac Shakur, Leon Robinson and Marlon Wayans, the film tells the story of a promising New York City high school basketball star and his relationships with two people; one a drug dealer and the other a basketball star now employed as a security guard at his former high school. The movie was shot in Harlem with various scenes in the movie filmed at Manhattan Center high school in East Harlem.

    yall remember this

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    Classic movie. LOL@scene when 2Pac said to Leon, you ain't the muthafucking man no more. I'm the one. Shit has changed. It's a new day bro. If you can't clean up your act, i suggest you raise the fuck up. Get the hell outta dodge or get caught up LOL. LOL@tight pants Leon was wearing when he played in the basketball tournament at the end hahahahahahahahahaha. 2Pac said to the ref about Leon, he ain't in uniform LOL. I don't think too many people remember Wood Harris in this. He had me laughing when he told Duane Martin and Marlon Wayans, i don't care what Birdy said and i don't give a damn about this ho ass nigga in the back(he was talking about Duane Martin LOL). I will bury the both of you muthafuckas. You better start listening and pay attention. Pull over. Marlon said i thought we was going to the spot. Wood said i said pull over. Marlon said for what? Wood yelled and said pull over and Marlon pulled over LOL. Wood got out the truck and beat up 2 drug dealers who owed him money and he said to Duane and Marlon, did ya'll see that? I'm a muthafucking soldier LOL. Now drive. Marlon said you need a role model, a hug or something hahahahahahahahaha.

    The soundtrack is banging. I love the songs Big Pimpin by Dogg Pound, Regulate by Warren G and Nate Dogg, Pour Out A Little Liquor by 2Pac, Afro Puffs by Lady Of Rage, Pain by 2Pac, Loyal To The Game by 2Pac, Treach of Naughty By Nature and Riddler.

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