I disagree that straight to video action movies are the reason why action movies aren't being made anymore that come to theatres. I've seen a lot of good straight to video action movies. Sylvester should have his own movie company so he won't have to go to movie companies to ask them to spend money on action movies. Actors need to learn that they need to learn about the movie business so when they get old, they won't have to go to movie companies to get them to spend money on movies they wanna do. Actors need to also learn to direct because directing gives them power to do movies they wanna do. Sylvester has directed a few movies like Staying Alive with John Travolta, Rocky 4, i think he did Rocky 5 and i know he did Rocky 6. He also directed Rambo 4 and The Expendables. Clint Eastwood has directed a lot of movies and Denzel Washington directed Antwone Fisher. Ice Cube directed The Players Club. I'm surprised Ice Cube hasn't directed some more movies because The Players Club is very funny.