Needle stuck in the arm of her stick figure form/
Get that rush of the high, but she's crushed inside/
Don't give a fuck of the harm, as each hit lingers on/
Trying to justify, her lust to fly/
It sucks to cry, but she must get by/
Sheltered under damaged ceilings’ in abandoned buildings/
Feeding the crave it's evil she says, "don't do it"/
I’m roped into music, fuck the dope of a new fix/
Watching as she withdrawals speaks tragedy and pitfalls/
Wrong turns longing to churn and nurse that heartburn/
Homeless and hungry, feeling ugly and weak/
But it's hard to eat when you’re starved to tweak/
The spark was fleet when change had proclaimed to have arisen/
But the cards didn't play out to her established vision/
Encouragement to fix this was interpreted to give in/
From jail service to stripping quick to burn a turn at living/