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    Ya boy nasty,
    you can't surpass me or blast me
    harass me or caste me,
    your voice sounds trashy,
    elaborate with the microphone mastery,

    I spit fact not fiction,
    i am the addiction and the prescription
    my diction,
    is to leave yall wishing
    for a easier mission
    mc's come mightly like Hannibal Lecter,
    but can't penetrate my sector.

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    pretty dope, ur cool . where u stay at ?

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    thanks man, UK.

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    The atmosphere was menacing
    Kings gorging on venison and voodoo figures made of cinnamon,
    fresh plates of human flesh delivered by peasant servingmen,
    if the balls dropped the juggler would get his balls chopped,
    it was all in celebration of the young Lord's coming of age,
    come late evening it was the poor servng girl who would feel his blade
    Cutting sharp through red roses,
    Forcing her to different shapes and poses,

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    arab vs arab spilling blood on holy sands
    the law of the desert requires bloody hands
    avenge your honour and that of your clan
    before night raiders steal your lands
    i bless wisdom to my allies, and wish death to my foes,
    give them missiles of fire and allow their bodies to be feasted by crows
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    Picture with your third eye the visual pictures
    that have passed throughout the ages, countless pages
    written on leaf, stone and Google Chrome its a poem
    of people throughout the ages acting violent and greedy
    sniffing the purest white, seeing the Devil in the purest light
    but not enough money to feed the needy
    intelligent girl has to sell her ass to get the cash for a university pass
    still find to find the time to pray to God for her sins at Sunday mass
    meanwhile the Pastor preaches that Satan embezzles innocent men
    yet curiously hes pushing a 600 Benz

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    digging the flow tight shit!

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    I catch rage over the state of Western poverty
    Hood dudes on youtube preaching about the dangers of illuminati
    meanwhile outside lil kids catch strays from blue and red shotties
    tempted to send criminals back to Africa like Marcus Garvey
    Just so they can see aids orphans hooked up the catheters, hungry and starving
    i know its hard to get a job with the economic depression
    but prior to 2008 were you learning lessons?
    Everyday i count my blessings
    was raised in a different environment never had to go through those stresses
    im just an outsider looking in
    pains me to know about 13 year old kids commiting sin
    in Philadelphia the bells of freedom ring
    but entire communities feel like their caged in

    but after the disease comes the prescription
    i hope mothers and fathers are listening
    teach your kids love honour and dedication
    and make sure they get an education
    so instead of wearing bandanas and carrying hammers
    they can be businessmen and women with good manners

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    dope stuff SD

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    Thankyou, appreciate the love

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    I hear rap dudes like to invest in commodities
    Gold, Silver and Platinum,
    Rapping and yappin about how you stackin them,
    fronting about your rap proficiency
    meanwhile down the way little kids got Iron deficiencies,

    got a whole generation of kids destined for Death Row
    its gonna be a long dark night, might as well write yourself a death note,
    but kids could be Masters of Physics or Psychiatry, theres No Limit to theyre potential
    but a heroin father and crack whore mother, that shit aint essential

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    Sometimes its easy as fuck to be stressed
    Feels like every single day somebodys putting pain up in my chest,
    some dudes drink wine or smoke special cess,
    A Grade student but still dont feel like im the best,
    despite my best mathematical equations
    im still on a path of standard deviation
    takes 1 man to fuck it up and a million to heal a nation
    got enough violence
    but never enough patience
    to have the positive means to deal with the situation
    supposed to have Visions of my grandfather Gandhi,
    but feel like im dealing with Satan
    Wish Morpheus gave me one purple pill to deal with all the hating

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