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Thread: Trolling hookers

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    Default Trolling hookers

    bored as fuck right now ahahah

    singleguypa: Hi
    1305086: hi baby
    singleguypa: Hi. I am looking for a sexy lady to spend time with. I have a gland disorder though. Some girls dont like it. I constantly sweat. I hope thats ok
    1305086: where are you located?
    singleguypa: Its my pituitary gland, it never stops, I constantly sweat and have to change my shirt always, I wear deodorant but I still smell..its hard
    singleguypa: Im in (edit)
    singleguypa: I would worship a beautiful lady like you thugh
    singleguypa: its ok if you dont want to hang out I understand, women always turn me down
    130086: its 160 do u want me 2 cme now?
    singleguypa: one more thing...I would really like to suck on your asshole..I know it sounds weird but would you be able to fart?
    1305786: baby as long as you have money you can have wat u want
    singleguypa: thats so hot. I have a german shepard would you do him too?
    1305086: no lol is he payin? haha
    singleguypa: Ill cover for him
    singleguypa: Im very very generous for the right girl
    singleguypa: you ok with that? Ill give you double
    130086: You dnt have enough money 4 that baby
    135086: not the dog baby i need more than double 4 that
    singleguypa: 500? you blow him while I eat your ass and Ill give you 20 for each fart.
    +1305086: Im not blowin ur dog baby not 4 5oo thats insane
    singleguypa: that would be fucking hot and dogs dont have aids or herpes so you wouldnt have anything to worry about

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    singleguypa: Hi
    busty87: Hi
    singleguypa: Im a parapalegic, I was in a bad motorcycle accident a few years ago and Im numb from the waist down. Is that ok with you?
    busty87: Not a problem
    singleguypa: Well what I really want is to get my legs smacked or whipped and kicked and even better would be if you could bite my toes. Im a very generous guy so no worries there.
    singleguypa: Its the only way I can feel anything
    busty87: I don't bite toes sweetie
    singleguypa: ok. well theres another thing. I really want to get something sharp shoved in my ass. My fantasy is maybe like a latex glove rolled in glass or something similiar
    busty87: I don't have anything like tht
    singleguypa: can we make one?
    singleguypa: we will just roll a latex glove in glue and some broken glass
    singleguypa: I want you to dominate me too, talk shit cal me your little cracker bitch
    busty87: Ok
    singleguypa: you can piss and shit on me too
    busty87: I can
    Last message received on 6/9/2012 at 12:19 AM
    singleguypa: hell yea that sounds like my kinda girl and keep beating my legs and bite them if you want

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    singleguypa: Hi
    +158568: You need to text by phone sorry
    singleguypa: why you a cop?
    +15868: No i dont do emails
    singleguypa: this isnt email its IM
    +1585868: I understand.
    singleguypa: well Im looking for special request so I like to remain anonymous
    +1585868: Ok what would u like
    singleguypa: I want a sexy girl to piss and shit on me, then stick a finger in my ass and my dick hole, that would be fucking hot
    singleguypa: I work on my dickhole so its bigger than other guys
    +158868: Ok thats 400 for the hour

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    singleguypa: Hi. I am a paraplegic looking for a sexy lady to hang out with tonight.
    +1570473: Hey

    singleguypa: I have a special request ....I want a sexy lady to hit my legs with a stick or whip or even bite them..Iits the only way I can feel them
    +157473: Ok where you at

    singleguypa: Right now Im at the 7th baptist church on duke, can you meet me here?
    +1579473: No

    singleguypa: its safe I have a key and everyone is gone now

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    Ha, what fun. Where do you find these whores?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PROFESSOR FRINK View Post
    i wonder what building this bathroom is in. fast food restaurant? cash for gold exchange spot?

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