To all those learned people of Australia interested in discussing a new political party to kick those old dinosaurs out of Canberra.

Australia has long been a two party system in which we choose the lesser of two evils, depending on who has to best 'advertising campaign'. I move to create a third party using the minds and talents of young Australians.

First we must make a network.

I am an idealist who wishes to see the Australian people prosper under a united government of reason, logic, honesty, and fair and uniformal rights for all Australians.

I do not intend to start violence, but only start a discussion. A third party who promises a young and fresh government with equal rights for all, and end this cronyism of the present government, will surely thrive in the minds of every Australian, who are embarrassed buy our leaders.

Our party of patriotic party of men and woman, young and old, will begin with simply spreading our ideas throughout the internet to establish a voting community. We will not fail. The governments in power now are hated and we only need to reach the community to start installing our own mayors and politicians. Please reply. I am serious about our future in which should be the best country in the world. First we need internet savvy men and woman dedicated to starting a part website.

Australians all let us rejoice
For we are young and free