I see this all the time where I live and even here on the forums. Why do people discussing their religious beliefs always talk shit or be rude to the other person if they have a different view?

I always see Atheists ripping on Christians for their beliefs and because a huge majority of the religion does not understand Islam and talks trash about it. Don't the atheists recognize that they are doing the same thing and stooping to their level?

Just because you follow the "one true god" or your beliefs make more sense "logically" does not give you a reason to demean others for something they want to believe in.

When people say something like, "If there wasn't any religions the world would be in peace and realize everyone is one." No they won't, if they can't realize it now the lack of religion would not help them because they would just find something else to make themselves separate from others. Whether that is a favorite television show cult or people worshipping an animal.

Ripping on a religion because of their views is like talking shit to a homosexual because they enjoy a different sexual organ than you.

The first step in achieving world peace as so many people want is to accept others no matter how different their beliefs are than yours.