According to Variety, Warner Bros. are still developing movies featuring Aquaman, The Flash, Green Arrow, Lobo, The Suicide Squad, Shazam and Wonder Woman. Some of these we already knew about, others have been rumoured for years. However, this is the first update in quite some time and seemingly confirms that the studio is still working on them (we haven't heard anything on Suicide Squad since 2010). Apparently, they are also still undecided about whether or not to bring back Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern in a sequel to last year's critical and financial disappointment or to simply, "relaunch the character in a completely new way." Sources close to their development process also tell the site that The Avengers has played a key role in how Warner Bros. will handle their superhero movies moving forward, and that it is important for them to find the right creatives who understand the characters in the same way Joss Whedon so clearly did with Marvel's superhero ensemble. Also mentioned in the report is their decision to move ahead with the Batman franchise following Christopher Nolan's departure and the fact that they won't be making any firm moves when it comes to any of these films until the release of The Dark Knight Rises next month.