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Thread: Capitalism and other kids' stuff (movie)

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    Default Capitalism and other kids' stuff (movie)

    51 Minute Film

    Watch it.

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    "I don't give a fuck about your cash flow // fuck Bush, I rep Castro" - 7Wounds

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    Default Re: Capitalism and other kids' stuff (movie)

    OMG - I am giving you rep points for the rest of your life!!

    Great video, thanks for posting it...

    Here is some of the things that I loved from that video:


    1. 5% of the global population owns 95% of its welath. That is 1 in 20 who owns the land and all of the resources. This is called unequal distribution of wealth and it is LEGAL

    2. "The golden rule" - People who have the gold make the rules, which is why the 1st rule is LEGAL

    3. The more money you got, the more you can make

    4. The less money you've got, the less you can get

    5. The poorer you are, the more expensive everything is

    6. The poorer you are, the iller you will be, you die sooner and your kids are worst off.

    7. The poorer you are, the less you're education will be and the worst your job will be

    8. The worst the pay, the harder the job

    9. The higher the pay, the easier the job
    *for ex.) A company director gets paid 100x more than a warehouse worker, but who goes home more tired?

    10. If you are really rich, you are a capitalist and you don't need to do any work at all.

    11. The poor pay for every mistake made by the rich

    12. Rich people start wars, but poor people fight them

    13. Most people get rich by inheritance

    14. Most poor people stay poor through hard work, thrift, and sacrifice.

    * Property is the basis of power, power is the basis of oppresion
    * Why should that kid have all the toys?
    * We don't have to play the capitalism game, we have choice and alternatives

    Peace (sorry for tha long post - I'm hyped)

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    Default Re: Capitalism and other kids' stuff (movie)

    No doubt brother. Get it out to as many people as you can.

    If you want to do something about this shit check The Free People's Movement & Revolutionary Youth

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    "I don't give a fuck about your cash flow // fuck Bush, I rep Castro" - 7Wounds

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    Default Re: Capitalism and other kids' stuff (movie)


    Im going to check out the site fo sho... and I gotta let you know that I'm a sistah..lol (it's cool i'll still give you rep)

    Thanks again for the vid I really liked it.

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    Default Re: Capitalism and other kids' stuff (movie)

    Capitalism is bullshit, only good for poor people who become rich like rappers and athletes, who compare and contrast, or for rich people who were born into rich families. My buddy was telling me about rich people like Oprah or whoever donating to charities as tax write-offs. The money they donate compared to how much they're worth is like most of us dropping change in the check-out line for Katrina victims. Yet they're labeled such wonderful people and keep getting richer from all the support.

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    Default Re: Capitalism and other kids' stuff (movie)

    I heard a saying somewhere. Went something like "capitalism is one guy fucking another, but communism is the reverse."

    It's messed up. Alot of what I saw in Aqueous post is true. But come on...poor people know these things and still act dumb.

    What I mean is the system is in many respect unfair. But large amounts stay poor through their own willing stupidity.

    The jobs thing is true. Higher paid jobs are easier. If you don't have something to offer a company mentally then expect to be physically exploited, and since you are totally replacable don't expect great compensation. But you know this? So get some skills.

    I come from a poor and very uneducated single parent family. While I was sitting my final high school assessments I was actually homeless sleeping on a friends floor for some of them. I am now doing my accounting degree and work part time doing accounts. I get the same pay now as when I was cleaning to sit on a computer in a cushy job. But at the same time I fucking studied till my eyes were red while I was homeless with no fuckin food. There are poor people who put no where near as much effort into changing their situation but want to complain? Fuck you! You are the fucking problem! Educate yourselves. It doesn't even have to be formal education.

    I don't agree with communism. Work should be compensated according to its difficulty. It's bad luck alot of people have more than they deserve. But communism would leave people with less than they deserve too.

    In all honesty unless you are STARVING in Africa or something you can get where you want. It might be harder but you can do it. And as for world's uneven distribution of wealth. Its fucked up but start by fixing yourself so you can have an influence. Rich people aren't gonna turn around and go hey they're right lets give the money to em.

    Read Kiyosaki
    Read richest man in Babylon (money is not a zero sum you need to know the rules)
    Read Napoleon hill
    read the science of getting rich

    Learn to produce wealth then if you choose, help others.

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    Default Re: Capitalism and other kids' stuff (movie)

    I'll have to watch this later, but it seems very interesting. Capitalism is a big problem, and just keeps the rich, rich, and the poor, poor. But Communism is flawed in the fact that the ones who do have the power abuse it. The underlying problem is human greed, and the need for us to be better than one another

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    Default Re: Capitalism and other kids' stuff (movie)


    Ya'll gotta just sit back and watch the whole movie. It really is so on point. I was just amazed at how simply he put things in perspective on the vid. Cause it doesn't have anything to do with communism.

    I feel you Subtle., when you say that you had to wark hard and I value that kinda work ethic. The point about it is that most people will never see the fruits of their labor.

    Why work full time, and get part - time pay. No matter how hard you work it will not change the fact that 5% of the people on earth own 95% of everything there is to own.

    It just gets to me cause, we got people really hating to have children...because it is such a burden. Why live a fucked up system...we can create something new ...fuck communism, socialism, capitalism...fuck all that. We can make this life a more fair life...ok. I feel real sad now. That's enough talk for me


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    Default Re: Capitalism and other kids' stuff (movie)

    Yeah I know the odds are stacked against you. And not everyone will make it but we should all go down trying.

    Also people, especially poor people, need to get the fuck outta the short term. I have been broke while studying for years. Why go get a minimum wage job now and be there in ten years? You gotta build.

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    Default Re: Capitalism and other kids' stuff (movie)

    i watched some but will get back to watch the rest, in meantime capitalism is based on wealth old was land and new was intellectual borrowed thats the commodity of money itself, so oif you got no land and can't think you borrow to pay rent or better yet rob peter to pay paul and get loans from john to support your girl mary.

    in my economics class they showed this video - i can't recall the title , if can will edit - that stated that in the united nations there is a formula of sorts where everything is determined a value (price on head) where if you and yours are deemedc not worthy in the eyes of them (permanent members of security council) your life is worthless but only to make money off of.

    capitalism: brains runs muscle, communism: muscle runs brains, socialism: muscle and brain in cold war.

    two cents: my intro business teach said get a job that pays well marry a female with job pays well (well or decent) save spend prudent and don't have kids like you trying to start a new community, and you'll get and go where you want without buying into the trappings of mass consumerism (see the pipe works of the american dream) trying to attain and flaunt status like off the floor not rack of the rich to be not poor but caught in middle looking like no class. just my opinion

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