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Thread: Favourite MMA Fighters?

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    Default Favourite MMA Fighters?

    I saw Prince Rai posted a similar thread for boxers, so I thought to follow up with MMA.

    Mine as follows:

    Tito Oritz

    (love or hate, the dude is a great coach, and a great guy to his fans.....he was an early pioneer to the sport, being one of the first dominant champions wit the most light-heavweight title defenses at 5, and deserves to be in the HOF)

    George St-Pierre

    (Not a particular fan of his style as he is known for not finishing, but the dude puts Canada on the map for the sport, and is highly regarded for his skill regardless of his lack of finishing ability)

    BJ Penn

    (not the best welterweight fighter, as he holds a record of 1-5-1 at 170lbs, but at Lightweight he's a beast being 5-2, and both loses coming from Frankie Edgar. Def not in his prime anymore, but still get excited when I see "The Prodigy" is fighting)

    Wanderlei Silva

    (The Axe Murderer.......prob the most dominant fighter in PRIDE history being undefeated for 7yrs for the Middleweight title until he lost it to Dan Hendo........Aside from that, he not only participated in the bare-knuckle Vale Tudo fights in Brazil, but he was a fucking CHAMPION at it.........self-explanatory why he's awesome.....plus he's prob got the best MMA knockout reel int he history of the sport)

    The Diaz Brothers

    - Constantly criticized for their boxing style, the Diaz brothers have been known to be some of the best submission artists in the game, but more specifically Nick for boxing, and Nate for submissions. These guys are entertaining to watch, and always deliver)

    Junior Dos Santos

    (Prob my current fav fighter to watch right now.......dude looks unstoppable to the point I even question Overeem's ability to beat him when they were scheduled to match up)

    The Noguiera brothers

    - (specifically Big NOg, but both should be recognized for helping the sport and fellow fighters with their "Black House" gym assisting the likes of Anderson Silva, and Junior Dos Santos)

    Don Frye

    (My fav growing up; loved to watch this dude in the early years)

    I could go on and on as I am a huge fan of the sport, but I'm just naming the guys I admire the most; honourable mentions for current fighters I like seeing at the moment for entertainment value:

    Rory Macdonald

    Rosmir Palhares

    Jose Aldo

    Nick Denis
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