Lord Lhus first Verse:

let me tell you how it all started i'm taking you back/
when me and savage brothers was banging immaculate tracks/
without any back or promotion, had the hoegoons scoping/
they found the hungry most rugged emcee across the ocean/
we was emcees for the rush of it, wild enlightened rebels/
banging out classics like "On the Run", "Been Fighting Devilz"/
before we even fucked with you faggots, yeah i said it/
Eternel made those beats why snowgoons take the credit?/ .(On the Run PROD: Vokab)
y'all some snakes but i aint even see it till i got jumped/
set up by that pussy Vinnie Paz and y'all the first ones/
to hop on dick, then you publicly dissing me?/
on ya blog? you a fAGGot forever a bitch to me/
now you wanna dis-credit my music homey i'ma lose it/
when i see you Manuu, I'm beating you down for my amusement/
you can have my publishing, you can keep my rights/
but when i see you we gone fight i dont bow down to snake bites/
its fake mics, fake turntables and fake beats/
fake goons, fake image, fake guys on fake streets/
Illgals a fucking fake! 2 of my albums got raped/
and now you wanna black ball me taking food off my plate/
alright thats cool, but best believe that karmas a bitch/
i would have took a bullet for you but you got scared and switch/
because you riding dick and put it in ya mouth for a deal/
all i did was represent you staying loyal and real/
and you a german nazi so i'ma tell you in ya own tongue/
fick dich du schwull arschloch! now you need a gun/
when you see me run cause best believe i'm coming at you/
strip ya arm of that tattoo, its personal fuck a battle/
you can keep the money faggot! go ask ya record label if you can diss me back pussy...

Unknown Mizery of Babylon Warchild verse:

whose those goons, my platoon boom like protools/
blast you off the map of this rap leavin no clues/
banning videos from youtube what part of the game is that/
you chemtrail, we harvest rap/
defenders Empty handed warriors handing your wrath/
keep your mask on on, grab the devil by the horns/
reel wolves, reel bull get cracked like six pack/
Karma, Think back forcing me to ties with lhus? we laughed/
offering Gold and free features from sluts/
i seen him sitting in the driver seat, for my soul, offering some bribery/
what did he to do to me?
thats the question I ask to his hypocrisy/
You stand for nothing and you fall for monopoly/
yall some masons, cooking in the underground kitchen/
i remember sitting in your car, whiles you's texting necro
he offered dream to have his neck broke/
i said no. how does it go/
he turned to me in the back seat his eyes were like Satan/
he told me to make a deal with the devil the shit was blatant/
im banging on his head, break hands, we never shake em/
We had nothing to do with this at all/
but you wanted us all to be involved/
we tried to get it resolved..punk/
but you served me with a sucker punch/
body trunked, wheres the rake? we the karma farmers/
the fans, they will understand you fake, the war is on now/
reload your arms, raise your arms! black balled and still banging/
decided fuck face book its time to hang em/
our army is worldwide, we gotta hang um!

Lord Lhus Verse 2:

fuck snowgoons, hoegoons got no goons/
and so soon i bring the art of war like i'm sun tzu/
run through, open palm i'm slapping Manuu/
he should of knew, turning on me then he switching his crew/
disloyal snake, i let you sleep in my momma house/
and now you bouncing out not saying shit up out of ya mouth/
because you know you wrong, you know you snake for that/
you cant delete my voice and cover up stabbing my back/
i'm still bleeding pussy but vengeance keeps me alive/
when we collide, before i hit you look me straight in the eyes/
so you can see what real is, fuck that! i let you feel it/
this the realest, you better watch ya wig before i peel it/
and yo Sicknature is just as much of a bitch/
up in his classroom teaching i slap you in front of the kids/
thats what it is, y'all some dick riders iin the hip hop biz/
the difference is hip hop is something i live/
fuck the money you can have it black ball me and all/
i got a army of real goons waiting for you too fall/
fuck being nice, sun you paying the price/
for your decisions in life this track is ya grave site!