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Thread: The Pink Panther Thread

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    Lightbulb The Pink Panther Thread

    3 Classic short episodes for all my niggaz, post some more!

    Pink Panther Episode 30 Disc 2 Pink Paradise

    The Pink Panther: Episode 96, Pink Trumpet (1978)

    Pink Panther-60

    La-Cinderella, my imaginary friend often asks me to watch the Pink Panther and afterwards i can often close my eyes and she will show me him with pretty good accuracy.

    One time i was laying in bed with my eyes closed and we made this funny episode where i controlled my cartoon character who was sitting in a resaurant and she made the Pink Panther come over as a waiter and ladel him some soup. This isn't schizophrenia or drugs niggaz!

    It's the Real Deal like Alan Fraser

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    That's quite weird, La-Cinderella asked me to watch Pink Panther again and i went onto youtube and came across this one:


    It's where the Pink Panther is a waiter in a chinese resaurant..

    I swear i'd never seen it before my niggas! lol happy saviours day

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    I know this sounds impossible but I was speaking to my imaginary friend la-Cinderella and she wanted me to put on pink panther again so I jokingly said do you think there will be a sheep in the episode bcus I was imagining him in a field looking for magic mushrooms... Anyway I went on YouTube and picked a random episode I hadnt seen b4 and the pink panther couldn't sleep so guess what he did... He tried counting sheep

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