I uploaded this on my new channel where I will be posting several good tracks with similar quality and lyrics in description. I tried to fill in the missing spaces in the lyrics as best I could and I got most of them. Now that the the hip-hop community's eyes are on Bis (for better or for worse) for his... ahem... questionable actions at the battle a few weeks ago, people should have a chance to hear his music and see the man behind the notebook (lol). Spread this around if you can, Canibus doesn't deserve all of the hate he gets.

This is from his promo CD for Rip The Jacker II: Infinity. If you haven't heard it yet, this is the best place to listen and if you have, it's worth another listen.

Side note: do you think that he included the How Come verse in the beginning and then a mirror layer to it as the second verse so that he could show people how much better he has become over the years? That's what I think.

Peace, Wu-Corp, I'll be back.