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Thread: First *official* pic from RZA's "Iron Fist"

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    Hes not a cyborg, his body can become completely gold though

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    Of course it's a b movie; it was made for 10 mil. I think Tarantino sees this as a hobo with a shotgun kind of movie (but maybe a little more story to it). It will make a good profit and give rza a good shot at a higher budget (better or worse) movie.

    I think that it's a good look overall for rza. First look at all the big names that gave him free roles and promotion. Each of them has a fan base plus wu fans who will watch the flick. Smart.
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    Im very confident that its gonna be tha shit, its a Kung Fu flick as long as the fights are dope and the story is interesting what more do you want.
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