from "rawhide"

"Comin soon to a theatre near you it be the Wu
Yeah find yourself in the square and see it's true
Actual facts to snack on and chew
My positive energy sounds peace to you
A wise man killed one horse and made glue
Wicked women puttin period blood in stew
Don't that make the stew witches brew?
I fear for the eighty-five that don't got a clue
How could he know what the fuck he never knew?
God-Cypher-Divine come to show and come to prove
A mystery god that's the work of Yacub
The Holy Ghost got you scared to death kid

it sounds like the method man version of the godbody killah priest (or rza) type of rhymes. I've heard this song a million times and I just heard it again but this time this verse just jumped out at me. I cant think of any other mef verses that are like this. I could be forgetting a few though.