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Thread: Ross Talks Possible Dom Kennedy & Nipsey Hussle Signing

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    Default Ross Talks Possible Dom Kennedy & Nipsey Hussle Signing

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    im not feeling this shit to many people on that label anyways get rid of Wale garbage ass
    and am i the only dude that thinks meek mill = peedi crack?

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    nipsey hussle has potential, probably he won't ever get there though.

    dom kennedy is a non starter, will never sell or make good music. very average

    meek mill will end up being huge. hes pretty average in terms of lyrics and flows but he has a dope natural style

    these guys are not to be slept on

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    dom kennedy is dope as fuck. he isnt the most lyrical dude but he makes excellent songs, he has charisma and mic presence. nipsey is obviously dope as an emcee and a songwriter. both of them can write bangers and smooth shit, and both of them can bring a west coast sound, cuz both of their music is west coast as a bitch. so i'd be for this acquisition.

    but i feel like this move is what we always see from the hot rap group of the day -- they overload their roster and end up washing out. YM is in the middle of a similar situation, but they have 3 artists with major star power right now.

    ross is a big name but i'm pretty sure he's yet to go platinum (or even get close).

    meek mill has some buzz and i'm sure his record will have a hit or two, but i doubt he'll be able to fully get that crossover appeal with his style. not many young girls (record-buyers) are into rappers screaming out flows at them.

    wale is trash and it seems like more people are coming to that conclusion. his verse on that currensy album was fuckin pitiful. he had a buzz, lost it, redesigned himself, and came back with them struggle sixteens. fuck a wale.

    stalley is just some dude with a minor fanbase, i dont know much about him, so he's basically the perfect replacement for pill.

    these dudes dont really know what they're doing. ross keeps on pushing his LP back with each failed "first single", meek dropped dreamchasers 2 and nobody gave a shit outside of people checking for the kendrick feature, wale & stalley are off convincing people their names don't rhyme. so honestly this would be a better move for MMG than dom or nipsey.

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    some of yall forgetting that hussle been rapping since '99-2000 imo theres no reason he shouldnt have his own movement i like dude better than dom tho

    has anyone heard the yellow album?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Smokes View Post
    has anyone heard the yellow album?
    yeah i like it. might be his best work to date

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    wale trys to hard

    lol at the screaming out flows comment

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