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Thread: The Good, The Bad, The Outcome

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    Default The Good, The Bad, The Outcome

    Ya'll want some signs nigga? This is exciting so here's the Good the Bad and the Outcome!

    The Good:

    Here are the signs of my spiritual awakening

    My deep appreciation for all of nature, plants, trees, animals. I welcome the different seasons whereas I used to dread winter. I like all animals now. I imagine even animals evolving.

    Synchronicity showing me i'm on the right track. Little miracles happening around me. Signs and messages showing me the way. Increased intuitive abilities and experiencing more psychic activity

    More energy and inspiration than i ever had before.

    Changes in my interests and books i read. A deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose.

    Seeing shimmering objects. This one is interesting niggaz so listen up. Everywhere i look i see shimmering on the walls. This shimmering is opaque in colour and is actually in 3d so it wraps around the walls of the room i'm in. At one point this shimmering turned from an opaque colour to rainbow colours wrapping around the walls of the room i was in.

    Seeing visions with my eyes closed. At one point i was seeing colours that do not exist in our frequency spectrum and it was magnificent. I wondered to myself if these colours were to exist in the future, where on the frequency spectrum would they lie? Before, after or inbetween each colour in our present spectrum? Or is our spectrum only 2 dimensional and somehow the new colours appear as multi-dimensional in nature. I was also able to imagine for example cartoons at will in my mind (think Transformers or Thundercats) and able to see the characters vividly and even play the theme tune to these cartoons in my mind at will.

    A desire to break free from restrictive patterns, situations and energy draining vampires (people lol). Feeling more creative and appreciating art and nature.

    Feeling more in balance and finding purpose in life.

    The Bad:

    Here's the bad, secret divisions of the government trying to stop me from awakening so they try to give me symptoms of mental illness and make me feel isolated. Here's what they are able to do using their satellite technology and what's termed as Voice 2 Skull.

    Manipulation of thoughts. Inserting thoughts etc. Thoughts repeating over and over or even sounds played over and over like a tape recorder.

    Symptoms of mental illness (hearing their projected thoughts or voices)

    Gang Stalking as it's called. You walk down the street and everyone appears to know you or shows hate towards you.

    Pain anywhere in your body.

    Chest pain and headaches. Another one that's harder to explain but feels like my insides are burning.

    Muscles twitching.

    Massive fatigue. Just yesterday i walked up a flight of stairs and was totally out of puff and needed a break. And i go to the gym every week so thats fucked up right?

    When watching TV, thoughts being projected into your head then they are said aloud on the television. Sometimes its hard to accept that the thoughts were not your own but inserted and then said on the tv screen.

    The Outcome:

    It's simple. When i finally do have my awakening, i will be completely immune to this and will then begin to fight back.. 2012 is the year where deceivers perish and humanity will soar to new heights as the government and their evil ways crumble to dust.

    2012 coming soon!

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    Everyone look at this, it's amazing


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