the fact is the government are using satellites to read my mind
and insert thoughts so i'm taking them for a ride
crazy thoughts, insane lyrics
i think these government members are a bunch of gimmicks
half of todays wealthy banksters are possesed by evil
they think they Big having control over people
but when i get my hands on evil i will strangle
and kill it, while the evil banksters get all tangled
and go down to hell with it forever
can you see me losing this battle? never
the evil leeches energy off the banksters
and in return helps them get more wealth... wankers!
so what happens when you cut off this energy source?
you are fucking with one holy force
its only a coincidence that i appear to be the second coming
when my blades start spinning you better start running
david icke is wack, but he's right about one thing
the illuminati to take over now need to step into the light
and yet still humans don't see whats directly in front of them
i will kill the reptilian queen by attaching her to a plane and crashing her into big ben

each line i type, the satellites detect the language
they acting like they beating me, but its them in anguish
acting all confident because they never saw a holy being in they life
and they think they closer to god? niggaz done dropped the dice
some people believe in france a ufo will land and save them
thats crazy... so imagine what the illuminati must believe then
theyre fucking idiots and the pope sure as hell dont speak to god
if theres a god that likes the pope he's an idiot i dont applaud
you guys still haven't figured out who i am yet
grabbing the mic spitting a rhyme and getting paid thinking you're set
i'm the toughest motherfucker on these scottish streets
the freestyle master? nigga you're a freak
and steg g? whats worse your name or your beats?
you don't have a clue.. my beatboxing skills show you weak
Kenny Ra and Sean, thats the nicest beatboxers out
What the fucks wrong with your voice freestyle master, please don't shout

yo yo
Roger Blake gets a cut when he puts more people on Risperdal
Your a ginger fucking prick yeah thats right you gonna take the bigger fall
Dr Pell another ginger doctor misdiagnosed me to shut me up
you think i'm schizophrenic? you worthless fuck
you regurgitate what you learned at medical school
your a fool.. i'm gonna possess you with the local neighbourhood ghoul
scottish people are fucking assholes with the exception of Em
your people can't rap or sing you sound like you drowing in phlegm
why did Em admit he was scottish? nigga thats wack
it's a fact all scottish women sound like men, nigga i'm black
i know a black scottish man with a white mother
his nickname is worse than suzzer, its baza
rza gza suzzer and baza
your a worthless scottish alcoholic like gaza (Yeeah nigga)

phew cigarette time!