the first part of this rhyme was my adventure years ago planting cannabis (Diesel Ryder) in scotland knowing that plants do infact communicate with each other so i wanted to scare them, the Nettles, by planting their alien cousin, Cannabis.. i had to use Diesel Ryder (NYC Diesel x Low Ryder) because the low ryder grows quicker which is perfect because the weather in scotland aint all that. The rhyme also talks about how that once cannabis is ready to harvest and be smoked by a god that strange visions will occur to the plant and then thats the end of its life and it can then journey up to higher dimensions reincarnating as something else..

"The Aliens Have Landed!" exclaimed the Scottish Nettle
that's when i planted cannabis in scotland to make it better
Scottish Nettles are the cousin of Marijuana
"Learn to grow THC and big buds if you wanna
Be like me." said the Cannabis, and be harvested at the end of the cycle
Grow naturally in Scotland so the government go psycho
then you too can move up and reincarnate as a higher being
When you're smoked by a God, strange sights you will be seeing

Yesterday and last night the satellites blasted my head
it feels like being in a room with radiation and chewing on lead
David Icke believes that the moon is a space ship
So what wack shit do the illuminati believe, those old dudes need a facelift
They think they are closer to god, but all their beliefs are irrelevant
I believe classic cartoons were inspired by a higher intelligence
Whereas none of todays people have any inspiration
They aint in tune with these changing times, so all they'll see is devastation