thoughts, intentions and patterns of evil
its perfectly reasonable to wish hell on these sick people
they mirror the devil with torrents of hate
i can't overemphasize how dire is their fate
to practice these evil ways, even a moron could tell
it did open one to the unfathomable depths of hell
these ones can't recognize that the devil is his own spirit
nightmare images flowing from the psyche where death has no limits
outside my mind something picking up these transmissions
i swear ill split them to pieces along with the satellite dishes
in their minds echo the thoughts "i don't understand"
"with such an elaborate plot we still can't stop this man"
i feel like banishing this evil is my duty
sounds in our reality are currently only 2d
i imagine multiple layers of harmonics and overtones
a deep hyper-dimensional sound tunnels through my poem

one can perceive and observe the flowing patterns of my rhyme
only the visionary can open up to the infinite horizons in my mind
new energetic patterns are being made accessible to us
which only the top mc's will be able to utilise when they bust
through synchronizing with the flow one can rock the show
i expand with the universe until the boundaries explode
Twenty Twelve, a new state of awareness
You will say this experience is deeply empowering in all fareness

Dreams that shift and fracture and non-linear progressions
Increasing numbers with that heart, mind and spirit connection