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Thread: My Freestyle Time!

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    Default My Freestyle Time!

    the fact is the government are using satellites to read my mind
    and insert thoughts so i'm taking them for a ride
    crazy thoughts, insane lyrics
    i think these government members are a bunch of gimmicks
    half of todays wealthy banksters are possesed by evil
    they think they Big having control over people
    but when i get my hands on evil i will strangle
    and kill it, while the evil banksters get all tangled
    and go down to hell with it forever
    can you see me losing this battle? never
    the evil leeches energy off the banksters
    and in return helps them get more wealth... wankers!
    so what happens when you cut off this energy source?
    you are fucking with one holy force
    its only a coincidence that i appear to be the second coming
    when my blades start spinning you better start running
    david icke is wack, but he's right about one thing
    the illuminati to take over now need to step into the light
    and yet still humans don't see whats directly in front of them
    i will kill the reptilian queen by attaching her to a plane and crashing her into big ben

    each line i type, the satellites detect the language
    they acting like they beating me, but its them in anguish
    acting all confident because they never saw a holy being in they life
    and they think they closer to god? niggaz done dropped the dice
    some people believe in france a ufo will land and save them
    thats crazy... so imagine what the illuminati must believe then
    theyre fucking idiots and the pope sure as hell dont speak to god
    if theres a god that likes the pope he's an idiot i dont applaud
    you guys still haven't figured out who i am yet
    grabbing the mic spitting a rhyme and getting paid thinking you're set
    i'm the toughest motherfucker on these scottish streets
    the freestyle master? nigga you're a freak
    and steg g? whats worse your name or your beats?
    you don't have a clue.. my beatboxing skills show you weak
    Kenny Ra and Sean, thats the nicest beatboxers out
    What the fucks wrong with your voice freestyle master, please don't shout

    yo yo
    Roger Blake gets a cut when he puts more people on Risperdal
    Your a ginger fucking prick yeah thats right you gonna take the bigger fall
    Dr Pell another ginger doctor misdiagnosed me to shut me up
    you think i'm schizophrenic? you worthless fuck
    you regurgitate what you learned at medical school
    your a fool.. i'm gonna possess you with the local neighbourhood ghoul
    scottish people are fucking assholes with the exception of Em
    your people can't rap or sing you sound like you drowing in phlegm
    why did Em admit he was scottish? nigga thats wack
    it's a fact all scottish women sound like men, nigga i'm black
    i know a black scottish man with a white mother
    his nickname is worse than suzzer, its baza
    rza gza suzzer and baza
    your a worthless scottish alcoholic like gaza (Yeeah nigga)

    phew cigarette time!

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    Baza is a half cast nigga
    Tatties are potatoes, your a wigga
    Leccy is electricity, eccies are xtc
    Your scottish ways will never get the best of me
    What you gonna do? Your genetics are weak
    When you see me in the streets you better not speak
    Fit Slag is scottish for a fine ass hoe
    Scottish people can barely pronounce english so how you gonna attempt to flow?
    Mellow'd Elements sounds like you smoking some shitty hash
    Grant and Steve took Human Growth Hormone and got some massive ass heads
    I appreciate Niggaz like animals, watching patiently for them to die like a vulture
    Drinking and watching fitty (football) is Scottish culture
    how come niggaz today are small? nigga believe me
    it went from Onyx, DMX to punny nig nogs like weezy
    niggas aint black no more they american
    british niggas dont compare either, listen to this veteran
    my poetry speaks for itself
    three 6 mafia whooping wu tang into ill health
    Beat Em to the Floor and put Dre in the coffin
    the game aint fair, tons of niggaz i be droppin'

    You don't know what just happened
    You sufferin' from a facture

    I'mma whoop this nigga, i'm a whoop this nigga (9th prince)
    i'm take him outside click click BOOM with the trigga

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    yo Suzzers mate told him to take Antipsychotics while on eccies
    He was suffering for 3 days hiding under a table fearing for his life, ya get me?
    Jocky Mclane is one cool scottish DJ pressing play on a cd player
    letting the cd play out for the whole time, say your prayers
    "the King isn't Born he is Made"

    yeah nigga i'm tearin' up this forum right about now

    every body throw your hands in the air like you just don't care!

    yo yo
    how stupid do scottish words sound to you?
    do you think in a past life these niggaz were gassed as jews?
    i reckon hitler designed Zyklon-B to take out your body, mind and they soul
    Nigga i'm blacker than coal, like Andy (the owner of the Dragon chinese restaurant in Brechin)
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    i know niggaz be loving my freestyles up in this bitch

    do you think the government who are reading my mind with satellites
    enjoy the shit i spit when i batter mics?
    they keep telling me they gonna kill me soon
    nigga i'm the king with a gun, i used to play doom
    eminem getting beat up by his stepdad LOL
    i was kicking Dave Marfizo in the ribs, killing him when i was still a kid
    fat head got whooped nigga
    i remember when i saw my first gun, wanting to pull that trigga
    clack clack kapow
    clack clack kaPOW

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    Cocaine binge last night?

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    naw son i aint touch that in years fo0

    bazas black dad flew back to america before he was born
    either he thought his white hoe was ugly or he thought baza would be deformed
    baza aka alexander bruce
    nothing but a scottish person with black skin aka a poof
    no culture and no black in his soul
    imagine how funny he'll be when hes old
    Henry Conyers is his fathers name
    i imagine him to be a weakling like MF Doom and lame

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    niggaz can't even tell the illuminati have drained they soul
    i mean lil weezy you gon' fuck tha world? that's bold
    theres no african americans anymore theres just black skinned yanks
    your just as bad as british niggaz only concerned with taking money to the bank
    why cant you see whats going on around you nigga?
    david icke sucks but at least he knows the picture is bigga
    decapitating 2 monkeys heads and swapping them around
    and calling that science? hell is where your soul is bound
    those monkeys died 1 week later when the body rejected the head
    and now scientists think they gon' 'hack' into stephen hawkings head?
    your one fucked up ugly mongol
    scientists claim AI can replicate the functions of the human brain
    all you know is the left side of the brain, are you insane?
    you think creativity is like a drug?
    jay-z your one bad ass faggot you aint no thug
    you probably see the right side of the brain like junk dna
    something we don't need, nigga you gettin played

    my freestyles are the illest son!
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    movies today were made with no inspiration
    so why is it that TV is still watched by the entire nation?
    bruce lee and real martial arts replaced with MMA
    bubbles is now the new thing in britain, not MDMA
    hip hop replaced with lil wayne
    dubstep taking over is such a pain
    Microsoft making consoles with nothing to excite us
    Xbox 720 is the 360 with twice as good graphics, nintendo askin' why did they bite us
    but the didn't fight back, they are wack
    humanity is doomed, so dont twist the facts
    the scientists think humans need microchips to enhance the brain
    wait.. are you insane?
    why do you think evolution stopped with homosapiens?
    and we need microchips and space ships on this planet we're stayin' in?
    fuck the earth like weezy said and flee to another atmosphere
    why is everyone so filled with fear?
    Let's start a motherfuckin' riot in this bitch
    Let's start a motherfuckin' riot in this hoe

    yo KRS ONE bigged up lil wayne
    thats insane, you aint spiritual you big nosed gay
    wu tang doing dubstep yeah thats clever
    raekwon your skin aint tough like leather, you look under the weather
    your an old cunt with no hope for the future
    you probably see your brain like scientists... a computer

    yo everyone is dull as fck to me

    the illuminati want law and order
    microchips, survellience but i pass on that offer
    they already drugged me but still i see through the veil
    get the fuck on your bullshit space ship and let it sail
    hide in your underground bunkers and fucking leave us alone
    real humanity is coming home

    your afraid of the magnificent changes we're going through
    get out, your through

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    the truth is
    for the illuminati's next stage of their plan to work correctly
    they must become visible to he public, ya get me?
    if you dont believe me ask david icke
    so what do you think the next stage of their plan is, like?
    but do you think 2012 is the dawn of a new era
    a time to lift the veil on this terror
    ..to prove Ahmed can whoop rza
    and to prove something big to gza
    like science is too static
    when everything raises its frequency your old methods will seem quite tragic
    and whats up with people thinking a ufo is coming to save them
    they say it'll happen in france, i hate them
    david ickes forum is full of mental illness
    but i researched the truth for you like little gems hidden in dirt, i kill this
    david icke is so wrong but at least he sees the bigger picture
    when i'm done i want my own shrine, temple and ill be in the scriptures

    yeah son

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    every time i go outside for a cigarette i see worms on the path
    i wish i could get a ladder and climb on the roof to give the baby seagulls a snack
    i see wu-tang clan as rich domesticated niggaz
    in my line of work its best to hate niggaz
    imagine the mexican drug cartel brought me in
    and gave me a gun showed me the hostage and told me to kill him
    i'd act like a shy guy and ask this one question
    "can i use more than one bullet" to test him
    imagine me punching the fucking hostage
    and whispering in his ear "imagine a dinosaur in a little cottage"
    then shooting him in the leg and asking him to dance
    the ginger fucking wanker wishing he was saved by that flying saucer in france

    rhyming is a drug and dr blake cant stop me from smoking it
    tobacco gets me in altered states of consciousness, but not as good as coke and shit
    they say i cant drink alcohol either so the police monitor me
    as well as satellites in the sky and they think they get the best of me?
    nigga i'm high on rhyming words
    i know it sounds absurd
    when dr blake dies he's gonna come back as a turd
    mark my words, he's a twat like 'gangsters' in glasgow
    your a retarded asshole, in monopoly you can't pass go

    i'm on a freestyle rhymin' tip today
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    Cool I imagine the Voice Commentator in Mortal Kombat is Ahmed's Higher Self :D

    "yeah you can't even remember what day of the week it is"
    thats the thought the satellite projected into my head
    then after it projected another pretending to be me saying
    "how much do you get paid to say this bullshit" niggaz better start praying
    it inserts thoughts 24/7 and they think this will wear me down
    hand me my staff, hand me my crown
    i'm keeping the wu tang niggaz updated every step of the way
    the government are scared to fight me in person cus they are gay

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    this mornin' i woke up to a voice saying my name
    i immediately felt angry knowing the satellites did this and it was lame
    i dont blame dr blake and the illuminati for wanting me put away
    they cant take that i have a more powerful mind than a 33rd degree freemason and i think they're gay
    yesterday i said the illuminati needed to step into the light
    now today they claim they've found the 'God Particle', yeah right
    Is the Large Hadron Collider what they've used to create synchronicities?
    Like me walking outside every day seeing patterns in car license plates?
    Dr Blake claims my synchronicities and psychic events
    are all delusions so he might think i don't know whats real or what life meant

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    Yeah Son!

    one time outside ahmeds pizza shop a guy got jumped by 3 guys
    so ahmed ran outside and saved his life
    he easily whooped these 3 scottish fags
    ahmed is highly trained in martial arts
    me and ahmed know we can whoop any scottish man
    all scottish people have a bulky frame
    slow and lame, they think are the same
    as us, but there genetics are scottish
    neil edmonds tried to cheat this with steroids but he's rubbish
    listen to me the real rhyme editor
    britain has more obese people than america
    no one in scotland but ahmed is above me
    not only are scottish people weak they are ugly
    they think their scottish words are cool
    thinking they aint inferior to england and even they are fools
    dr blake tried to give me as much medication as possible
    to slow me down, but my strength is official
    i think about all my enemies as much as the satellites beam trash talk into my head
    can't wait to get off my medication and smoke some crack instead (to be like dmx)

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    sometimes i secretly wish people would be racist to Saj
    and start on him so i can hard body some racist scottish fags
    these scottish football hooligans are the worst
    in this evolutionary race you know i'm coming out first

    my ouija board tells me that 2012 is here
    that cracks are already forming and people are in fear
    and the illuminati are ready to step into the light with a solution
    to all the unrest and confusion

    the operators of the satellites are sick in the head
    sat behind a pc sending fucked up messages to targets all day all the time
    they really fucked up in life
    slappin a dog in the face actin' like it wont bite

    2012 is here and yet no one is prepared
    The government are trying to cover everything up cus they scared
    Slowly finding out their ways are shrouded in evil
    Yet they cannot admit this to the people

    The government used Derrin Brown to discredit psychics
    Derrin Brown must be one dumb fuck
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    i'm really taking these satellite operators who are reading my mind on a ride today

    today i had to go get my injection
    when i saw this complete tit at the intersection
    i said to him "excuse me i must Ash you a question or two"
    then i said "Do you find it annoying when old people take a Peek-At-Chu"
    he got mad and said "u want a fight? c'mon!"
    I said nigga unlike you i don't collect Pokemon
    I looked at this nigga wanting to cut his hair
    Once when going past a graveyard alan fraser said "people are dying to get in there"

    this nigga was crazy

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