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Thread: My Freestyle Time!

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    Default Last one wasnt good enough, here's my second attempt

    thoughts, intentions and patterns of evil
    its perfectly reasonable to wish hell on these sick people
    they mirror the devil with torrents of hate
    i can't overemphasize how dire is their fate
    to practice these evil ways, even a moron could tell
    it did open one to the unfathomable depths of hell
    these ones can't recognize that the devil is his own spirit
    nightmare images flowing from the psyche where death has no limits
    outside my mind something picking up these transmissions
    i swear ill split them to pieces along with the satellite dishes
    in their minds echo the thoughts "i don't understand"
    "with such an elaborate plot we still can't stop this man"
    i feel like banishing this evil is my duty
    sounds in our reality are currently only 2d
    i imagine multiple layers of harmonics and overtones
    a deep hyper-dimensional sound tunnels through my poem

    one can perceive and observe the flowing patterns of my rhyme
    only the visionary can open up to the infinite horizons in my mind
    new energetic patterns are being made accessible to us
    which only the top mc's will be able to utilise when they bust
    through synchronizing with the flow one can rock the show
    i expand with the universe until the boundaries explode
    Twenty Twelve, a new state of awareness
    You will say this experience is deeply empowering in all fareness

    Dreams that shift and fracture and non-linear progressions
    Increasing numbers with that heart, mind and spirit connection

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    Default yall know this is the ultimate

    This rhymes the illest that i can do right now, but i'm preparing to do something better soon nigga. all i want to do is sum things up right about now >:]

    these faggot satellite operators have to keep notes of me on a daily basis
    draw charts and keep logs of me whether i'm rapping and dancing or make scary faces
    they gotta keep up the good work or the boss will be mad
    it's like odb said long ago, "keep being bad"

    their orders are to pretend to be voices in the head
    or to give me chest pain when i act out, which they dread
    each day i heal some more and i expand
    their grip loosens and they shout out "damn!"

    these wiggaz sit behind a control system like its a video game
    they fiend to turn up the knob that controls the chest pain
    whenever i cross the line, itz pain time
    they flip the switch, pump the volume up and high five the other guy and do the peace sign

    they just won't stop even though i'm healing rapidly
    i aint here wishfully thinking, i'm charging my battery
    and boy do they hate when i expose their plan
    the truth is i'm pretty much the next stage of evolution man

    everybody in their office is a kind person on the surface
    but its like they forgot why they were here and even their purpose

    i said it before, but they going to hell
    they imitate patterns of demons, but still they can't tell
    that they opened up they mind to the devil
    trying to take out this ill nigga, the rebel

    these niggas takin' notes of my behaviour to show to they boss son


    4:20 PM - outside smoking cigarette listening to Fear Factory and dancing while imagining flying on a magic carpet.

    4:26 PM - we're running out of things to say to him and the chest pain is only getting him more wild and crazy!

    Fear Factory - Archetype
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    shit is fucking wack you failed try again

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    Quote Originally Posted by $inista View Post
    shit is fucking wack you failed try again
    Let me re-try this shit for you my nigga.. maybe ill spell it out like a-b-c

    * Part 1 - The Governments word
    Hey you wanna get a job working for the Feds?
    You can pretend to be a voice in someones head
    Or in illiterate Scotland they call it a heed
    You can be everything you want to be
    We can't be stopped because A the masses are all asleep
    and B out technology is so advanced, shits too deep (yeah right you primitive ape)

    * Part 2 - My word

    Ayo when i wear this red jacket i think i'm Optimus Prime
    not the fag in that movie, he's frozen stiff as i'm droppin' this rhyme
    For another 9/11 The government need me out the way
    Your death will be one that pays
    The government exiled me from society and thought i was done for
    All i had to do was take a few drugs, and some more
    Then reconnect with my higher-self, the universe and nature
    Niggaz only concerned with the paper

    Nigga i'm on the rise again
    Surprise again
    But niggaz only wanna rate me from 5 to 10
    When i'm droppin' this rhyme
    Classic cartoon characters were inspired by higher intelligence like Optimus Prime

    Ayo the illuminati have had thousands of years to devise a plot
    But they manipulate a government who lies alot
    Jay-Z claimed creativity is a drug
    is that because you don't know how to use your brain? you left-brained wack black thug

    I like to practice Critical Thinking
    Gay-Z the illuminati's ship is sinking and your soul is shrinking

    The guys who mess with my head using satellites and shit
    They know i've already won, but their orders say don't quit
    Like i'm just magically going to go back down hill
    I got to tell you, i got skill

    Singlehandedly destroying the american and british governments like a robot
    Niggaz know when i heal i'll flow hot
    Dr Blake finds it hard to believe i didn't become ill
    He thinks i'm a schizophrenic, but all i did was transform with skill (Jigga)

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    How come in western civilization niggaz never hurd of a transformation? Did your precious government condition your minds to think it was impossible? LOL!

    Imagine a caterpiller turning into goo
    You might take one look at it and think 'it's through!'
    But nah it aint done for
    It'll turn into a butterfly and live some more
    I never rated the homosapiens anyway
    Your death will be one that pays
    While most peeps expecting a specific event this year to occur
    I am being the change of 2012, that's my word

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    Dr Blake has no 6th sense and no empathy he feels
    "But he completed Medical School" so he thinks he's the authority on what's real
    This rich preppy white kid is unreal
    He had a shallow sophisticated life, ya feel? (like most of you)

    I told Dr Pell i was going to become more powerful than his god
    He told me he didn't have a god and i was shocked
    Your ginger for christ sake, dont you need someone to believe in
    During the hard times in this life, your ugly, you need him

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    Niggaz like my lyrics son.

    To put things in perspective, i'm the only one the government have put multiple satellites in the sky to spy on since Bin Laden (Legend!)

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    Default 8 Bars of Punishment on the Government

    I see the illuminati's plan, nigga i'mma shoot ya
    Let's compare this shit to Back to the Future
    It's like i'm the hero, Marty the Martyr, Niggaz in the future you see me
    I set off a chain reaction thanks to the Doc i see az Timothy Leary
    My mind is the plutonium-powered Delorean
    I'd shock all future space travellers and even historians
    The illuminati i vaporize ya future and trap you in the past
    Destroying devils like Barack Obama the half-assed half-cast
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    yeah niggaz

    This is the genius mistaken for madness
    Now you ask yourself who's style is the baddest?
    i'm straight up crippling enemies, i'm right in ya face bitch
    I throw a little bone and a whole pack starts to chase it
    With my words of wisdom i remain strong
    conducting a brainstorm, making the pain form
    Run a mile forever, my style is terror
    Trial and error and your the error
    Imagine RZA on a scooter weave through traffic
    I play a video game on a holographic projector with see-through graphics
    Oh shit my multi's is ill but still ya too spiteful
    My style goes viral, you start to spiral
    out of control, ya soul travel the realms
    You speak a modern day chapter or end up in hell

    Oh yall wanting that new Powdered Toastman shit?

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    for the illuminati to make another false flag event truely happen
    they need me out the way, aka toastman to quit rappin'
    they will forever fear Powdered Toastman the renegade
    sippin' on some lemonade, tie you to a propeller blade
    you see me wavin' gunz in bohemian grove
    and i have my own demon to do my bidding just so you know
    it's a pokemon battle and i'm fully focused
    while illuminati faggots still readin' scriptures thats hopeless
    the future is now and ya still livin' in the past, arent ya?
    name another mc who can project spiderman into his own shadow and capture it on camera
    It's time to meet the future with a greet and a handshake
    All the best strains of cannabis come from big countries, they are a landrace

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    yo yo
    this is just so you know that i know
    listen up as i bless you with a flow
    now i'm healed you're going to witness a blood spilling
    i'll take these goverment thugs and give them a glorified killing
    they have multiple satellites on me day and night
    giving me voices and theres a demon, they both want to fight
    all i can hope is dr roger blake isnt on their side
    or else he'll witness the wrath of my powerful mind
    and his family will be dressed in black and left standing
    while he rots, i have more satellites on me than the legendary Bin Laden
    the government knew i had gifts and they needed me out the way
    Your death will be one that pays!

    every time i leave my home i encounter synchronized events
    does seeing '666' on a car license plate every time i leave the house annoy me? well that depends

    Now why do the government need me out the way you ask, homes?
    Because i'm ready to act not just talk shit like David Icke and Alex Jones
    I am a God of War, i Raise my sword
    And straight rip out your vocal chords

    My demon turned on me the other day
    Because i showed it how i was going to stop the government and their evil ways
    the satellites can read my mind in real time
    and voices comment on whatever i'm doing at that moment in time like typing this rhyme
    they have no real power they are clones of evil
    and their families are brainwashed people

    when the rappers dissed me, demon invaded my mind
    and coincidentally at the same time attacked by satellites
    that wasnt hard, it was just a fun game to play or was it a fight
    a few nights ago was a full moon and i saw 2 of the satellites (and waved)

    i can retype these same rhymes in a massive number of ways
    to the governments... your death will be one that pays
    to all my fans listening deeply to my rhymes
    think to yourself.. who else in the world is being attacked by teh government so rigourously at this point in time? (no one, they can't budge me)
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    what do you do if the whole World's turnin' to shit?
    And nobody notices it, not even a bit?
    Lucky for me i'm really a super hero
    Even more powerful than the one Richard Bartlett could see Yo
    The whole world's soul is shrinking and i'm the Shredder
    The government want to take me down, but i'm tougher than leather (yeeeaah)

    Imagine resurrecting Big Pun so he could smack Obamas wife
    The western worlds governments all know i'll win this here fight
    They have teamed up to try and stop a magical super hero, that's right
    But they waited on purpose until i was ill, but that phase is over and i say that with delight

    Now it's time for me to fight back
    And yes, i do get signs so i always know i'm on the right track
    In my last rhyme i summed it up well
    But i forgot to tell you whenever i'm forced to watch tv, they will project a thought into my head and say it on the broadcast as well
    They want it to seem like something thats not even possible
    I know more about reality than faggot scientists and evil devil worshippers, Sean C, that's official

    The universe is on my side and that's a fact
    and you can't beat that with a stick or bat

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    When i'm on the computer and i'm bored
    My higher self communicates with me via the keyboard
    It makes my eyes dart to the letters on the keyboard
    That spells out things like if i used a Ouija Board
    It makes the satellite operator attack me more
    I imagine myself appearing outside their secret base and kicking down the door
    I've got a baseball bat in my hands with their bosses blood on it
    I'll walk up to this sick government mutant and bludgeon it
    I'm writing these rhymes and getting attacked in real-time
    I guess to them these rhymes i write are some form of crime
    My Self laughs at these foes on a daily basis
    The worst they do is make my muscles go all tense while La-Cinderella pulls scary faces

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    Default Dope ass gangsta Rhyme

    all my niggaz up in here put your hands in the air
    punch a fucking nigga like you just aint scared
    this nigga is so weak, this nigga is so weak
    look at this nigga he's a muthafuckin' geek
    niggaz in the government droppin here and there
    niggaz droppin left and right, droppin' everywhere
    nigga with a satellite, nigga couldnt batter mics
    niggaz in the government, i bet they aint be actin' right

    oh shit nigga throw you hands up in here
    bust yo fuckin' gat to make the point clear
    the motherfucking government are run by queers
    the motherfucking government are runnin' in fear

    all my niggaz send me weed, all my niggaz send me weed
    and i'll be high in less than a week

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    last night La-Cinderella tried to talk to me again
    like after turning on me last week now we could just be friends
    this morning i told the government thug putting the voice of mike g into my head
    tonight you'll be fucking dead
    i'm imagining Russia taking interest in me and my abilities
    all i have to do is Finish the voice in my head with a Mortal Kombat Fatality
    A Psychic killing is whats in order
    I bet Barack Obama isnt ready for this slaughter
    the Mike G Voice said "we're always 1 step ahead of you"
    then makes it seem like he's smiling at me, fuck that fool

    I'm here to reclaim my mind
    then work for China and Russia developing secret chemicals that make your third eye blind
    Fuck the western world, all i want is one thing indeed
    I'll do anything to help Russia and China as long as i get to make funny music and smoke weed

    I'm more powerful in my mind than that movie creep James Bond niggaz

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