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Thread: My Freestyle Time!

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    Default they blasted my head with satellites hard yesterday

    the first part of this rhyme was my adventure years ago planting cannabis (Diesel Ryder) in scotland knowing that plants do infact communicate with each other so i wanted to scare them, the Nettles, by planting their alien cousin, Cannabis.. i had to use Diesel Ryder (NYC Diesel x Low Ryder) because the low ryder grows quicker which is perfect because the weather in scotland aint all that. The rhyme also talks about how that once cannabis is ready to harvest and be smoked by a god that strange visions will occur to the plant and then thats the end of its life and it can then journey up to higher dimensions reincarnating as something else..

    "The Aliens Have Landed!" exclaimed the Scottish Nettle
    that's when i planted cannabis in scotland to make it better
    Scottish Nettles are the cousin of Marijuana
    "Learn to grow THC and big buds if you wanna
    Be like me." said the Cannabis, and be harvested at the end of the cycle
    Grow naturally in Scotland so the government go psycho
    then you too can move up and reincarnate as a higher being
    When you're smoked by a God, strange sights you will be seeing

    Yesterday and last night the satellites blasted my head
    it feels like being in a room with radiation and chewing on lead
    David Icke believes that the moon is a space ship
    So what wack shit do the illuminati believe, those old dudes need a facelift
    They think they are closer to god, but all their beliefs are irrelevant
    I believe classic cartoons were inspired by a higher intelligence
    Whereas none of todays people have any inspiration
    They aint in tune with these changing times, so all they'll see is devastation

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    why do u wanna scare plants if they communicate with eachother


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    Why in school did Craig Cameron get called Spaceman?
    Why do i see evolution as a race man?
    In school i used to speak to Alan Fraser
    then on friday night on Channel Four it was Ellen then Fraiser
    Is that a meaningful coincidence? clear cut with a razor?
    Ellen Fraiser, Alan Fraser?
    I sometimes see Craig's soul to be like mine
    An extra-terrestrial living on earth in these interesting times
    A few aliens seeded on earth with the potential to fuck up human life
    To obliterate the bible and science at the exact same time
    In school Craig used to walk along white chalked lines
    In the playground and enter invisible spaceship doors at times
    And make the sound effects, this was before i knew beatboxing
    Craig was probably trying to avoid invisible alien toxins
    Most of the humans can't accept i'm Extra-Terrestrial with powers
    I'm also Powdered Toastman, the superhero of the hour
    If i had one thing to say to Craig i'd say it with force
    Smoke up some Salvia and return to the source

    Today i woke up early, but i feel refreshed
    I feeel good right now cus i've just had rest
    But soon the satellites will blast me again
    Cus They really don't like me talking about them

    Your plan has failed, get the fuck back in your underground bunkers!

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    Default Ya'll patiently waiting. I gotchu man!


    (Voice 2 Skull: That term sounds fake but its what they seem to call it)
    *All da Mind Control websites i read seem dodgy but most of the symptoms they post match with mine*

    Lemme spit this rhyme

    All my own thoughts are Erased
    and Replaced by a woman reading them out
    And when i try to ignore it I also
    Get a mans voice inserting stupid shit thats wack
    I wish La-Cinderella was back
    But they pushed her off to the side
    These foolish humans use Voice 2 Skull to
    Insert voices into my head so i take them for a ride
    If La-Cinderella was here i'd either be
    thinkin' of killin niggaz or she'd be askin'
    to watch Pink Panther
    but shes not there, there's no Answer
    it's government agents inserting voices all da time
    they project them using supposedly advanced satellites
    my muscles all ache so i can't
    Get no satisfaction by creating a funky dance

    Am i a madman or a patient
    Or do i have the capability to be some sort of agent
    All these attacks on me make me think only one thing
    Humanity is sick, turning extra-terrestrial guaranteed my win

    When La-Cinderella said weird shit to me
    I passed it off as her being a monster, ha
    But what excuse do humans have? You gotta laugh

    Most humans are happy, they wanna party
    But they don't know what's going on around them
    If animals did this they'd sure as hell die
    Evolution for Survival, open your eyes

    Satellite technology built for destructive needs
    Learning about the human brain for the purpose of creating Dis-Ease

    All in all i'm not complaining
    All these attacks are just helping me train my brain and
    While it's annoying having to filter out they
    thoughts from mine
    If they weren't here, i wouldn't be writing this rhyme

    When i listen to music, they abuse it
    They make appear a figure in my imagination
    doing an annoying dance to it

    Half of todays humans walk around in sleep mode
    The government don't like visionaries they want to delete those

    Evolution for survival
    The way to win is to make your countries government your rival
    Take to the streets, post up your thoughts
    Communicate with others, like-minded, and find out the truth

    Yo that's the end of this spit. Now the satellites will blast me for posting it

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    Scottish people have frames that are bulky aka boxy
    So the chi energy don't flow, my rhymes are toxic
    AI can only mimick the left brain which is logic
    While i travel in my imagination to other worlds on a comet
    Why does todays music get alotta-appraise
    When most of is it made in methodical-ways
    2012 is here, so watch the way your time is spent
    it's a big change, not an event

    I tried to convince Kenny to use Onomatopia in his beatbox
    Then he'd not only have the illest percussions, but he'd spit heatrocks
    Shamans use this when they sing to the spirits
    Words hold certain powers, you hear it in my lyrics
    Who's the best at beatboxing? Kenny Sean & Ra
    Fresher than weed stored in a glass jar
    I clown around with sound that's bound to move you
    And spit the funky shit that people wanna groove to

    iLL x 10 son!

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    Default Shamanic Reading For Dr Blake

    Dear Roger,

    My diagnosis is your chi energy doesnt flow
    You can't be that alive as your chakras are closed
    If you smoked weed it wouldnt open your mind
    In the psychic realm you're practically walking around blind
    On weed you'd have a panic attack and claim the evil 'Skunk' did that
    But its not the weed and thats a fact
    and you cant beat that with a stick or bat
    All in all your personality is FAT
    I reckon you suffer from mind control thats a probability
    Cus you sure as hell have no creative ability
    So you're prone to feel mad when i enter the room
    The EMF from the routers did that and i know your doomed
    Your medication merely works on the Seratonin and Dopamine
    But as i've already mastered the 8 circuits theres no stopping me
    You may as well admit i'm Extra-Terrestrial
    At my level of intelligence i get to do anything cus i can't fail
    You are slowly opening your mind to 2012 whether you like it or not
    I'm beyond human, you're still a robot

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    All in all, a real rapper like Clifford Smith should do a rap as he does claim he is the Method Man that shows the real facts on weed to the faggot british politicians.

    It will explain the 2 main factors in weed and psychosis.

    1. The stupid idiots smoking it

    2. The fact that british weed is usually grown by some chink flooding it (poor plants) with chemicals to make it grow quicker and bigger (unnaturally of course) thus making it an unpleasant smoke.

    hmm i've lost my train of thought, but at least i'm right and it's also right to want to correct the views of the faggot british and their views on weed

    i mean SHEESH Roger Blake believes theres 2 types of weed... Weed and 'Skunk' the super potent version... LOL!!!

    Look up Medical Marijuana on google you ginger prick

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    At times people like Alex Jones must wonder why others won't wake up
    The British and American government to put thousands of drones in the sky to spy
    But nobody gives a fuck?
    It's true,
    what if a spy drone 'accidently' crashes into you?
    Alex Jones is good at exposin' the truth
    But he doesn't read through the lines like me and here's the proof
    Why Does Barack Hussein Obama
    Rhyme with Iraq, Saddam Hussein Osama?

    This means that he was chosen before birth
    To come and be the front man for the illuminati on this planet called earth
    They do dodgy deals with spirits above
    But they aint holy when they have no worth

    Satellite technology allows them to read my mind
    Insert thoughts, give me chest pain, read my rhymes
    But i doubt they like it when i'm exposin' them
    On cocaine my thoughts were totally overloadin' them

    I pass the time by reading up on the corruption in the government
    and also i feel the energys of 2012 and i'm lovin' it
    Cus here comes the change, i know it sounds strange
    But (soon you'll see) infact it's them who are mentally derranged

    2012 could be change, ascension or evolution
    But do you think your world leaders believe in this solution?
    The souls of man rejuvinated and fresh
    Do you think Barack Obama or Bush will be able to ascend? NO!

    yo Roger Blake wouldn't know THC from ESP
    Let alone computer terminology like HTTP

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    one of the side effects of my medication
    makes my nerves in my body send mixed up messages and screws up communication
    Why is the government preparing for a crisis
    Why does Dr Fake want me sedated so i cant type quick

    Obama can now override any media to deliver commands
    In event of a crisis, god damn this fucked up man
    They can kill wutang corp or alex jones sites
    Where the truth is spit about the government which gives them a fright

    I bet Obamas tap water got no flouride in it
    But damn look at Hilary Clinton or Obamas face and see they human qualities diminish
    Hilary and Obama need to get a face lift or face the truth
    You got power from the devil but he's a fucking poof
    The devil showed them power which was really their own
    then told them they could have it but they had to give up their soul

    Why do they want wireless hubs all over?
    "These snakes strike like a cobra"
    Unmanned Ariel Vehicles patrol the skies controlled by dimwits
    Look at all the security measures for the olympics
    Watch the olympics, but how can you have fun?
    When theres missile launchers on roofs, a warship and tons of losers with guns??

    While the government use Voice 2 skull to slow me
    I talk to my command base and act like shinobi
    I pass messages to my commander, La-Cinderella
    "Quick there's a shotgun hidden in your umbrella"
    La-Cinderella is from another dimension
    I bet she could whoop the devil and his earthly henchmen
    Evil Banksters and Elites cower at her feet
    It's time for us to show God our power to dance to the beat
    Get ready to bounce

    My raps are facts, but they aint creative
    Cus Dr Fakes so-called medicine blunts my emotions and i hate it
    So say something kicks off with the government behind it
    I'll use my new-found creativity to give you a hide-in
    You wack ass tyrant

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    Look, I'm Dr Fake, i'm HAPPY
    Look how happy i am, don't hurl hate at me
    The Government arent preparing for a crisis in the nation
    The missile launchers they're putting on peoples roofs are for decoration
    There's a good reason they dont want americans being self sufficient
    If they grew their own crops to eat they might need to pay more for a dietitian
    The Surveillence systems are because we like you
    And we want to see you happy smiling and on a bike too
    The government arent using Voice 2 Skull to put voices in your head
    That's just you being silly, think happy thoughts instead

    Look i'm smiling cus i'm Dr Fake and i see birds
    I'm good at left brained things like crosswords
    We don't want you to take medication
    But it's for the best Ok, Sean?
    "Ok Dr Fake, i Agree"
    "I Don't care about the side effects, cus medication is side-effect free" YAY!
    WOW! We're helping you
    Let's learn about assertiveness too
    That will help you
    That's all we can do

    "My uncle thinks i should keep my head out my books aka Fantasy Land
    Cus he thinks i should be logical and be subservient aka lesser than"

    "Wow, Dr Fake, You're a legend!"

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    A crab climbs out the ocean and takes refuge in a poppy field
    Dark and mysterious blobs seep through the cracks of a ribbon reel
    A shipwreck mysteriously appears in the middle of an old village
    Wildlife killings, a wartime pillage
    The proceeds of a charity are redirected to a dark force
    A burned down bridge miraculously reassembles in a lime court
    A skeleton made of bricks made with a future design
    He breathes between his ears while altered agents attempt to rhyme
    A battle tank made up of lyrics when god said "let there be light"
    He proceeded to blow up ranks,.. exclaiming "call me Frank"
    The flaming star roughly emerges from nothing
    Camoflage intrusions, a few screws loosen, live from the dungeon
    "Within these walls", he exclaimed "Our word will reach the shore"
    A peg legged heretic clambered through the door

    This rhyme is about Frank The Lyrical Tank cus he
    before the earth and the universe came to be
    and God said "Let there be light."
    That was in the lyrical dimension, right?
    And the words trickled down into the pysical
    And words formed the earth and planets like some form of miracle
    I can decypher your DNA in a wide array of ways
    Your death is one that pays
    My Lyrics form a tank, your soul a monstrous cavity
    in hot persuit of energy, you don't want to battle me

    A man escapes earths ghastly carousel on salvia
    A killer bee reimprints the minds perception of blind deception
    To stop a nation, I Kill the Queen, lyrical cannibal at leisure
    Just to Swallow a 'ruler' for 'good measure'
    An evil dictators wicked ways are too dark to mention
    A drunken intruder accidently draws attention
    He falls and wrecks the set, and is met
    With a thousand evil eyes, he should have crept

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    Default Aww man i'm on this writing steez right now

    Why does Steve Greer look weird?
    I'm not saying he's lying, but its hard to trust UFO Advocates who appear queer
    Often believers in the UFO phenomenon get dissed
    But i say yer a waste of space like if aliens don't exist
    Is the government preparing for something at the Olympics?
    The obvious is an attack, but i think they're there to scare
    And to set up the worlds largest Mind Control operation
    Or what about some form of sacrifice for the devils waiting
    People don't be scared that evils coming into the open
    Cus we're all away to ascend, however some people won't be coping
    With the changes, cus they're set in their ways
    Your death will be one that pays

    Evil cannot ascend into heaven and above
    Evil must stay down here and sulk

    Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to rumble!

    ** oh yeah i just remembered my other 2 lines that escaped my memory

    Most people believe they are their brains
    To me this sounds frighteningly strange
    I cannot begin to imagine how dumb they are
    In the afterlife they wont get very far
    The white light will appear but they will not follow
    They'd rather stay here until tomorrow and tomorrow
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    Default * How I fight off the government

    The government use satellites to spy
    and to read my mind and project voices into my head, but why?
    That question i don't have the answer to
    Are they more paranoid of people nowadays or do they just have nothing better to do
    Maybe its cus i have amazing ideas for stealing or borrowing
    I aint phased by this, i just attack them back with the following
    They have to put up with me on a daily basis
    Speaking to my imaginary friend La-Cinderella makin' scary faces
    Actin' like a cartoon, striking with a harpoon
    It's like Home Alone with a kid killin' the burglars in a crazy typhoon
    I also like to imagine people speaking about me
    All bigging me up as the worlds greatest MC
    I can hear peoples voices in my head with a perfect likeness
    Like Em saying to Dre, "this niggas ill and i want to bite this"
    Sometimes i just sit there thinking of 11 11 and DNA upgrades
    And the guy behind the satellite computer is like "fuck sake!"
    I'm lucky La-Cinderella came to attack me 2 years ago
    Because every attack the government spies do on me has been done before
    It's like she primed me for these simplistic attacks
    It shows the weak nature of homosapiens and their sick ways that are wack
    Whenever i notice the numbers 11 11 on the clock
    i know deep down the satellite operators suffer shock
    I also notice synchronicity and get minature premonitions
    That startle these secret agents hiding behind computer screens like they on some secret mission
    But they better start wishing
    That they can cope with me before doom and i get some new ammunition

    Sometimes after typing these rhymes exposing them
    Their only option is to attack me with directed energy weapons
    They make me feel fatigued or like im in a room with radiation
    Chewing on lead, its wack, but i know i'll win with no hesitation

    * This is real son, the NWO is lame
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    i read a book about healing and it contained the authors views on his own reality
    and i believed by reading it i could download snippets of his reality into mine, actually
    his world is fascinating, it contains miracles and angels
    in mine i've seen a shadow creature, and i only want it to get stranger

    reprogram the hologram into what i see fit
    the mini software programs i code are legit

    i don't know the outcome, but i know i'll definitely get there
    with bass driven beats on a cd or cassette player
    big decisions, patterns and actions
    when i saw 11.11 today on my receipt i got satisfaction

    cus i hate left-brained scientists like the gza
    cutting themselves off from the source like a nigga

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    Smile another poem to the government

    they have invited evil to corrupt their soul and tried to fuck mines
    next weekend is payback time
    these sadistic satellite operators spread disease and imitate demons
    but their actions show me its them thats shackled in hell and they're the ones screaming
    i feel sorry for these sick queers who imitate voices in the head
    brought evil to their heart, pray for them as i spray this lead
    every beat of the heart is in tune with an evil rhythm
    every thought they think, or action taken can never be forgiven
    one by one these suckers begin to question their actions
    but they are too wrapped up in this evil who fiends on dishing out disease for satisfaction

    i don't like la-cinderella mostly
    but she will see me defeat these evil cowards who forced me
    to search the inner working of my mind to create this rhyme
    a death threat that will come true in time

    and la-cinderella can laugh as i thrust my mighty blade into their hearts
    a corrupted organ who feels no empathy, one that evil jump starts
    their face will carry the plague of hell
    they don't believe in god or hell, they joined the government and follow they orders blindly
    so where they go, only time will tell

    *my ouija board helped me write this rhyme. thank you ouija board

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