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Yea dude is cool but when it comes to his money and his rep..he doesnt play that
As it should be.

I mean, I'll get my little digs in and make some idiotic jokes and whatnot, but I'd never start some kind of rumor or put out personal shit on a public forum or blog like that.

I honestly don't know what the fuck is on some people's minds.

Just like I don't get why someone pay for a ticket to a show just to talk shit or harass an artist.

It happens so much these days that it seems like fags do that shit on purpose, pay for admission just to go fuck with the artist.

And when punks like that get duffed out or get a drink thrown in their face then they deserve every bit of what they get.

The internet got these kids gassed, thinking they can say or do some outright disrespectful shit to a grown man and not get put in place for it.