Sepher Yetzirah 4:2

Sepher Yetzirah lists 7 yesodos that are represented by the 7 doubled letters (letters that change their sound when there is a dagesh). The problem is that the rishonim disagree about the girsah.

One girsah is thus (and remember that these are parallel to the 7 midos, beginning with Chesed: Chochma, osher, zerah, chaim, memshalah, shalom, chein.
The other girsah is: chaim shalom,chochma, osher, chein, zerah, and memshalah.

for some of these, it is easy to see how they could switch places, so to speak. For others, not so much. For example, how is shalom an element of din? Memshalah makes sense in the place of malchus. But it makes less sense in the place of Hod. (I can think of some possible exolanations for Memshalah,but at the end of the day,they may be a stretch.

Do we say eilu v'eilu? And how do we reconcile the shifting functions of these midos if so