Based on actual events in the life of the filmmaker, writer/director Nick Gaglia's Over the GW tells the tale of two Bronx siblings whose desperate mother takes them across the GW Bridge to New Jersey in hopes that a revolutionary rehabilitation program will be the key to their recovery. Tony (George Gallagher) and Sofia (Kether Donohue) are drug addicts. Having exhausted all other options for getting her kids sober, Tony and Sofia's mother opts to take them to New Jersey and place them in a rigorous thirty-day rehabilitation program run by the tyrannical Dr. Hiller (Albert Insinnia). When Tony and Sofia's one month stretches into a grueling two-and-a-half year ordeal, the psychological torment and false imprisonment they are forced to endure at the behest of the corrupt doctor threatens to do far more damage than even the most addictive narcotics. Eventually led to believe that the only thing keeping them alive is the program, the frightened siblings fall victim to a detestable form of brainwashing while navigating a cult-like maze of confusion and struggling to maintain their true identities.