I saw this book on Youtube and i listened to the author talk about it who's a black guy named Hasani Pettiford. I wanna get it to see what he says about black women. I went to a couple of bookstores last week to see if they had it and they don't. So i'm gonna have to get it from the book's website in a couple of weeks. I like seeing black men dissing black women because it's a lot of terrible black women and the sad thing about it is that black women know they're terrible and they don't care. But they're always dissing black men when their shit ain't together. I love black women but they need to stop with their terrible behavior. I talked to a black woman today that i'm interested in but she told me she got 4 kids LOL. So i won't be dealing with her. She told me her birthday was this month and i told her i wanted to take her out but when she told me she has 4 kids, that made me change my mind. She told me that she has a job at a grocery store and she's training to be a manager which is good. So at least she is working because most black women that got a bunch of kids aren't working. There's another black woman i'm interested in who's at the library i'm at now but she told me she has a man. She's a older woman though and she seems mature. She did take my number though because i told her to call me when she's single.

I haven't had this much hate for black women since i moved to Maryland because when i lived in Cleveland, i dated several black women and i even had a few black women that approached me and that usually doesn't happen. When i was in Cleveland, i worked a lot of shitty low paying jobs and i don't understand why black women were interested in me. Now that i got 2 good jobs, i can't get a black woman. I think it's just the black women in this area are shitty because i'm sure if i went back to Cleveland, i could get a black woman. My black female cousin in Cleveland told me several months ago that she has several black girlfriends that are single that she could introduce me to and she told me the next time i come to Cleveland to call her.