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Thread: Why Donnie Yen Pass on The Expendables 2

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    Default Why Donnie Yen Pass on The Expendables 2

    Donnie Yen is one of Hong Kong's hottest action stars and has been for over 20 years, but unlike some of his peers, he's mostly stayed away from Hollywood with one of his few Western movies being Guilermo del Toro's Blade 2.

    This week, Yen made a rare visit to New York City to attend the New York Asian Film Festival as a special guest, to receive a Star Asia award and answer questions after his movies The Lost Bladesman and Dragon (Wu xia).

    This morning, ComingSoon.net sat down with Yen to talk about some of upcoming movies and when we asked him about possibly returning to Hollywood any time soon, he told us about his decision not to be in the upcoming The Expendables 2, which he had been approached to appear in last year:

    "They wanted me to be in 'Expendables 2' but I just didn't feel the role clicked. I was flattered that I was approached by the producers but I just didn't see the role they asked me to do being that intriguing. I didn't really want to do it but I'm open for anything. Doing a movie is a stressful thing. You spend months of you life focusing into that one project and I want to make sure I do something I really like or I'm really passionate about."

    Look for the rest of our interview with the actor before Dragon (Wu xia) is released by the Weinstein Company's Radius imprint either later this year or early next.

    If you want to see Yen in action before then, Dragon (Wu xia) is premiering on Monday, July 9 at the New York Asian Film Festival. Ticket are sold out but you can get on the standby line while his other recent movie, The Lost Bladesman, has its New York premiere tonight (July 7) at the Walter Reade at 6:30 PM with tickets still available.

    source: comingsoon.net

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    cuz Hollywood films are gay and he had the common sense to star in another film that will be dope like Wu Xia (Swordsmen) or Ip Man

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    i cant blame him i though expendable was a bit lame

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    Expendables isn't supposed to have a deep-thorough storyline though; it's just a project involving everyone's fav action stars growing up molded into a huge amalgam of awesomeness.

    Let's be honest, none of the stars involved in the Expendables will ever be remembered for their acting ability, including Sly or Bruce Willis. They will be regarded for their action movies they were invovled in with epic killing and huge explosions.....Chuck Norris, Arnie, Bruce Willis, JCVD, Jet Li, etc etc I never watched their movies for acting ability, the same is when I watch a kung-fu flick; I watch for stunts and fighting, and explosions, etc.

    So I dunno if you guys were expecting more-so than what was shown, but The Expendables delivered exactly what I expected in the first one, and I haven't pressed my limits for the 2nd one either pretty much expecting the same

    On a side note answering the threads initial title, that sucks he turned the role down, because seeing him and Jet Li go at it again would've pwned. Everytime these 2 match up, it's gold; both fight scenes with these 2 in Once Upon a Time in China 2, and Hero were fucking sick, and a round 3 would be off the chain
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    nah i wasnt expectin anything deep or complex, im a fan of dumb out action films, but even then i do like some storyline, memorability.

    this was just boring, i think there was also too much of a lapse between action scenes.

    and trying to introduce love stories was gay lol

    that being said, i love action films with complexity though, like Red Eagle which is one of the best supehero films ive seen wit half the budget of a hollywood film

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