Soundsci is what you would call a true underground "hip-hop supergroup". The quintet are rappers Audessey [from MassInfluence], Oxygen (aka Ox The Architect) [from Sputnik Brown and the Spinna group SPOX-PhD), and U-George [former member of Hemisphere]. Together these three underground New York veterans rhyme over group members The Product's hardhitting, sample based and turntable/cuts heavy beats. The Product consists of Jonny Scuba [of Dynamic Syncopation] and last but not least Ollie Teeba [also once a member of Hempisphere].

these five guys display an intense chemistry that totally embodies New York hip-hop as it shuld sound, with heavy rhythm tracks underlining jazz, soul and funk backdrops, plus three's a lot of classic scratch hooks that those well iniated wll recognise immediatly.

Running for just 40 minutes, there's not a dull moment on here, Ox, Audessey and U-Gerge all have distinct voices and unlike many of their peers they acually touch on real, interesting topics, practicing story telling, classic battle rhymes, metaphors, back-and-forth rymes and much more. Neither does the production ever get cliché or bring. I hope to hear more from these guys very soonl

you can stream the entire album via Soundsci's bandcamp page, but there are also a vinytl press, limited to 300 pressings only. despite my horrible economy at the moment, after listening t half the album i couldn't help myself but to buy the 2xLP set for full price. since I promote them a lot on The Lost Tapes, they were nice enough to send me free of charge the veyr last copy of their 2009 debut EP, "Dig For Victory" which was voted "best undergroun album of the year by The Source Magazine". PICK THIS UP WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!