most true, but en masse, the elite only serve the interests of themselves and their kind,. they can break laws, do crime, have laws made so their crimes are expunged, this cycle is going on all the time, in all sectors of industry/commerce..

but the people who obediently work their 9-5's dont have a clue.. or maybe they do,, but they are in apathy, still trusting the evil systems,

Anon can be good or bad, anon is not a group, its just an idea.. the more ideas added to the collective, the more people taking part, the more chance those ideas will catch onto a wider audience,.

through consensus the best ideas have the most backing..

yesterday we where trying to organise a bank related op, which we have done! opbankjob, where we will block access to certain banks, while we restrict access, we will have laptops talking/showing the people outside, how money is created, after asking them if they know how it is created.. its all an illusion..thats what needs to be conveyed, the debt the austerity.. if people are interested we will show them how to close their accounts and start using local credit unions..time in the uk is ripe for this #OP... also we haz op barclies, which should be fun! we got about a month to advertise this #OP, we have afew non anon groups who are very interested in this (uncut uk, we are change birmingham, the west midlands occupy coalition)
should be fun