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Thread: Lebron James debuts new shoes called "Lebronald Palmers"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SURLY DUFF View Post
    Goddamn them shits are ugly.

    LMAO @ "Lebronald Palmers" and the glass of AP on the insole.

    Dude's gonna get sued for that.

    Look at these kids, disrepecting themselves wearing this fag shit, SMH.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tectrus Moa View Post
    Jordan's aren't doing anything for you. Use that money to save up for a rainy day. Yes, they'll attract idiots and hoes but that won't last long.

    Lol so true @ both of these

    smart dumb retards spending frivolously and shit on dumb stuff and half the population then wonders why it was broke.

    smart dumb retards spend the equivalent of a monthly mortgage payment on shoes and xbox games.

    could save that money on three years and have almost enough for a deposit on a home

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitey View Post
    those are nice, thought about copping a pair.

    the lebronald palmers are ill tho. kids in here are tripping. swagged the fuck out. im still trying to get a pair of south beach miami knights 9s, in due time.
    lol @ liking those hideous things and using the word swagged in the same post.

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