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Thread: Neocons Float “Mushroom Cloud” Condi as Romney VP

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    Arrow Neocons Float “Mushroom Cloud” Condi as Romney VP

    Neocons Float “Mushroom Cloud” Condi as Romney VP

    If selected in November, Mitt Romney will serve as the front man for the reinstallation of the neocon faction in the White House. Establishment media murmuring about his choice for vice president – Condoleezza Rice – underscores the return of the so-called Vulcans.

    “No one in the Romney camp would confirm or deny the story, in keeping with the campaign’s tight-lipped approach to the selection process. But it’s possible the item was a trial balloon from the campaign attempting to gauge the reaction to Ms. Rice as a possible pick,” the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

    Condi is a seasoned war criminal and her expertise will be required as a Romney administration addresses unfinished business in Syria and Iran if the Obama administration does not finish the job by the time of its possible defeat come November.

    Rice is famous for her “we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud” comment made in January of 2003, two months before the invasion of Iraq. Condi and other Bush administration officials were never held to account for the cynical lies that resulted in the murder of 1.5 million Iraqis.

    According to a report produced by the House Committee on Government Reform’s Special Investigative Staff, president Bush, vice president Cheney, Secretary of State Powell, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and National Security Advisor Rice lied about the threat posed by Iraq in 125 public appearances and made 237 specific “misleading statements” about Iraqi WMDs and collaboration with al-Qaeda.

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    whats yall thoughts on condoleeza rice?

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