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Thread: Street Fighter: Assassinís Fist, a Live Action Series Set to Premiere in 2013

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    Default Street Fighter: Assassinís Fist, a Live Action Series Set to Premiere in 2013

    Some of you may remember Street Fighter: Legacy, the short film created by Joey Ansah that showcased a short, well-choreographed fight between the series iconic rivals, Ryu and Ken. The project became quite popular when it was released, and Ansah expressed a desire to produce more Street Fighter related films if given the chance.
    Well, it appears Capcom has given him that chance.
    Today, news from San Diegoís Comic-Con surfaced that Yoshinori Ono announced Street Fighter: Assassinís Fist, a live action series produced by Ansah and his crew. This new project will explore the shared history between Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and Gouken, as well as the Ansatsuken fighting style.

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    I've always suggested that this & Mortal Kombat had an action series that aired on HBO. On some mortal kombat conquest type shit (of course it would be way better)...

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    The Akuma/Gouken story IMO is too complex to be made into a script "properly". I just think when script writers/directors get the green light on projects like this, they want to leave their mark of "originality" on it, and incorporate some pool of dribble that twists the story around, making it suck ass. The whole thing behind the "Dark Hadou" is a very cool story, and I doubt they could stay on point with that. Even the SF: ALPHA anime's they made were mediocre at best, but ins aying that, the SF animated "movie" was amazing.

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