none of these rappers are who you think they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UG rappers dont rap for pussy... or the $... they rap for internet rap nerd approval!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when they dont get it they cry...

it makes sense...i mean theyre broke and get no pussy.. the whole reason they rap is to get props from rap nerds that post on the net...

when they dont get it they act like rap nerds that post on the net are losers... even though they check rap nerds that post on the net every second to see what theyre saying because it fuels their pathetic little "career" that has them broke as fuck at 40 mad on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very interesting sequence of events...

LOSER rapper tours with a little kid thats not his...

rap nerd says something about it...

phone calls get blasted out parents get involved and internet rap nerds get banned so they cant say anything about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



not really....

rugged man is a PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

same dude bragging about whipping his dick out in the JIVE office that raps about getting dick rash...

is on twitter talking about MURDERING ppl that think him touring with a little kid is WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they got a lil kid on stage singing cunt renaissance with a guy that flops around naked for laughs and if you say anything about it.... YOUVE CROSSED A LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all these rappers are bums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

creepy RA photo hide your ****

^^^ ppl that honor RA legendary status

rap legends dont get on the phone and cry about whhat some rap nerd is saying to some internet moderator like a faggot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get in the studio... book a show... get a groupie... be a rapper LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

legends never die and ra career is dead as fried chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ra the rugged man is the most overrated UG rapper of all time and a HALL OF FAME pussy

ra should rap about ILL BILL punching him in the dome and running him out of a la coka show... he can put on his slick rick hat for that lil story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!