I've always wanted to make a fighting game where you could use famous movie figures against one another, have multiple outfits, multiple stages, incorporate a tag-mode, etc.

I'd have an all-star lineup too:

Bruce Lee
Jackie Chan
Jet Li
Chuck Norris
Jean Claude Van Damme
Steven Segal
Sonny Chiba
Tony Jaa
Donnie Yen
Sammo Hung
Cynthia Rothrock (gotta have at least ONE chick)
Michelle Yeoh
Wesley Snipes
Joe Rogan (dude has a black belt in BJJ from Eddie Bravo)
Yuen Biao
Gordon Liu
Don "The Dragon" Wilson
David Caradine
Bolo Yeung

I know you'd have to get the rights, and such to have them actually be in the game, but it'd be cool none-the-less........and I know games like Tekken have characters that are BASICALLY copycats of these guys, (Marshall Law = Bruce Lee, Raven = Wesley Snipes, Lei Wulong = Jackie Chan)

anyways, I think that'd be cool.

Also making a jail-oriented game with the same feeling of "OZ" where you're a new inmate, and you have to gain respect and do jobs for different crews you wanna work for, etc similar to GTA, and have an open atmosphere......I think it'd be cool, or at least it'd have potential for something "different".....like being able to customize your character, etc