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Thread: Vordul Mega - Revolution of Yung Havoks (2004)

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    Default Vordul Mega - Revolution of Yung Havoks (2004)

    1. Neva Again

    Producer Opto

    2. Spitamatic [Featuring C-Rayz Walz]

    Producer Ruddy Rock

    3. Holla Ill

    Producer Soul Purpose (3)

    4. Hell Yeah

    Producer Belief

    5. Hard Times

    Producer Dev 1

    6. Blade

    Producer Belief

    7. Stay Up

    Producer Belief

    8. In The Hood [Featuring Karnage]

    Producer Dev 1

    9. Pray

    Producer Belief

    10. Believe [Featuring Jean Grae]

    Producer Belief

    11. Struggles

    Producer Blockhead

    12. Handle That [Featuring Vast Aire]

    Producer Omega One

    13. Megallah

    Producer Belief

    Mastered By Michael Sarsfield
    Mixed By Belief
    Producer Belief
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    where is the review?

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    My review will come, just need to give the album one more solid listen. For now, I made the thread so others can share how they feel about this LP/also review it.

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    listened to this today

    instant favourite. dope beats and rhymes all the way through, no filler material whatsoever

    9/10 album

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    This is an album that requires your undivided attention to completely grasp. Never before have I heard an album as honest and positive as Vordul's Revolution of Yung Havoks. Every track is incredibly inspiring, and is as real as real can get.

    Vordul looks to escape the struggle that comes with poverty, but his humbleness and encouragement to unify is something rarely seen in Hip Hop- or presented in a nearly as genuine fashion. Complete with unique, chilled production, this is a seriously slept on album.

    "Never let problems faze you, know every day true".


    I've seen reviews for this album from around the time it was released, and I feel most were expecting another Cold Vein, and were disappointed when Vordul took Revolution in a different direction, thus creating a bias. This is a very refreshing album, Hip Hop to the fullest.

    "Must wise up, but who are we to preach, when we don't even teach ourselves the same lessons?"

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    Personal favorites:

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