jimmy i: FUCK SLAUGHTERHOUSE.. 1 and done... im on vacation

BWHwhbahahwbwhahHAHAHAHAHA easily one of the most embarrassing music videos EVER niggas got trapped in peewees playhouse and couldnt find a way out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

interscope pays cee-lo a ridiculous fee to star in shit song and shit video for a shit group

LOL @ the green screen

LOL @ video makeup artists HATING crooked i for being 53 years old

LOL @ joell oritz looking like a flesh cartoon

LOL @ cee-los dance solo

LOL @ grown men dancing together like kids to kids BOP to digital backgrounds in clothes their label forced them to wear


they coulnt push this album if it came with a first class ticket to heaven

they were drowning on the underground and now theyre about to flub a major label shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eminem is gonna wanna off himself cuz jimmy is gonna make him live in the studio for making him sign slaughtrhouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theyre gonna prop that corpse up, run him into ground and live off his catalog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

get ready for more scared eminem face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

album is gonna be all POP and straight FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rhyme over beats em would rap to in sober faggot label slave mode and try and make hit records even though you cant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

em: i think they wanna kill me.... dre.... you still there.... dre!?!?!?!?!?!?

dre: *responds to hitman at the door text*... yeah marshall... still here... what was that last bit? im alone now... continue....